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Why should winters be trouble for you!! Enjoy this lavish and wonderful season with great health and rich foods. Why visit or revisit the doctors!! Stay healthy and follow simple tips in this winter:-

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Winter, the most awaited season with icy airs, trendy woolens, bonfire, healthy dishes and much more to have fun. People have the tendency to close themselves under the door to protect themselves from the cold or a cough which may occur due to breezy air.

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Long standing leg pain and swelling is one of the most common symptoms among females of all ages. Varicose vein is a condition, which can result in leg swelling, pain and leg cramps. More importantly early failure of any major organ – liver, kidney or heart can cause leg swelling.

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Most of us probably know exercising is associated with a smaller risk of premature death, but a new study has found that doesn’t have to happen in a CrossFit box, a ninja warrior studio, or even a gym.

Body weight-bearing exercises such as sit-ups and push-ups staved off death just as much as other forms of weight-bearing exercise.

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Breasts are a profound symbol of femininity and a feature to which a woman’s confidence is directly linked to. Awareness about breast health is fortunately on the increase.

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