A defecating proctogram, also known as a defecogram, is a special X-ray exam of the muscles and the organs like rectum and anal canal used in defecation. The test will mimic the process of defecation and help your doctor evaluate problems with your pelvic floor and rectum with minimal risk and discomfort to you.

Your doctor may ask you to undergo a defecogram if you have

  • Constipation
  • Incomplete evacuation
  • Stool leakage (fecal incontinence)
  • Mucous discharge through the anus
  • Perinealor rectal pain

The test will dynamically evaluate your pelvic floor muscles, rectum and anal canal during the process of defecation. This study will demonstrate the entire straining sequence, and if the pelvic floor muscles are not relaxing appropriately preventing passage of the liquid. It can explain the underlying physiological problem that is responsible for your pelvic floor dysfunction or is contributing to your prolapse, especially rectocele.

Preparation for the defecogram

You will need to do bowel preparation so that the bowels are empty during the procedure. You will be given a sheet of instructions when you are scheduled to undergo the test. You can also download the instructions below.

The procedure

The movement of the pelvic floor muscles and the rectum are visualized and recorded using a special x-ray video. Normally the pelvic floor relaxes allowing the rectum to straighten and the paste to pass out of the rectum. Any disturbances in the straining sequence that does not allow you to completely evacuate the paste will be revealed by the x-rays taken.

The test lasts for about half an hour and is performed in the clinic. The test is tolerated quite well, and no sedating medication is necessary. We recognize that the test can be embarrassing to you. At UPHI, we offer gentle, compassionate care. Our doctors, patient nurses and assistants can put you at ease and address any anxieties about undergoing undergoing the test.

You will be assigned a nurse continence specialist on being given an appointment for the test who will be able to answer your queries regarding the test. At UPHI, you always come first.

Preparing for your Defecogram

Taking care of yourself after undergoing a defecogram

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