3D Mesh Surgery For Hernia Treatment

3D Mesh Surgery For Hernia Treatment

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By UPHI Hospital, March, 14 2019

A hernia develops when an organ, intestine or fatty tissue protrudes through a hole or a weak part in the neighboring muscle or connective tissue. Hernias generally occur at the abdominal wall. It may affect both men and women of any age.

Causes of Hernia

  • Weak abdominal wall muscles
  • Excessive intra-abdominal pressure
  • The lifting of heavyweights
  • Persistent constipation
  • Coughing
  • Poor nutrition with less fluid intake

Treatment of Hernia

Usually, surgery is required to fix the problem. The surgery for hernia may be of two types:

Laparoscopic Surgery: Your surgeon makes several small cuts in the abdomen that permit surgical tools into the openings to fix the hernia. Laparoscopic surgery can be done with or without surgical mesh.

Open Surgery: Your surgeon makes a bigger incision near the hernia and the weak muscle area is repaired. Open surgery can also be done with or without a surgical mesh. Open repair that uses stitches without mesh is known as primary closure. Primary closure is done to repair inguinal hernias in babies, small hernias, strangulated or infected hernias.

Recurrence is very common in hernia defect, and surgeons generally use surgical mesh to strengthen the hernia repair and decrease the rate of recurrence. 3D Mesh Repair technique is an advanced method that uses a Polypropylene mesh which covers the hernia defect from 3 sides; above, center and below. This tension-free repair is appropriate for treating big sized and recurrent hernias.

The use of 3D surgical mesh may also improve patient outcomes with reduced operative time and shorter recovery time. 

Advantages of 3D Mesh Repair:

  • Less number of stitches
  • It gives the benefits of strong posterior repair like a laparoscopic procedure
  • Prevents recurrence 
  • Can be performed under local anesthesia
  • Minimal recovery time compared to older techniques

In spite of decreased rates of recurrence, there are conditions where the use of surgical mesh for hernia repair may not be suggested. Patients must talk to their surgeons about their specific conditions and find suitable options for hernia repair.

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