ACL Injuries: Partial and Complete Tears Beneficial Tips for Knee Patient before Surgery.

ACL Injuries: Partial and Complete Tears Beneficial Tips for Knee Patient before Surgery.

eneficial Tips for Knee Patient before Surgery
By UPHI Hospital, December, 18 2018

Director - UPHI The wellness & Surgical Centre, once again we are with, Very Special and Most Popular knee specialist in Delhi NCR,. Operated nearly 1500 patient who suffered from the knee-related problem. Firstly, I would like to thanks to all our viewers and supporters who appreciate our work and ask more and more questions related to knee pain for which we replied in the comments.
One of our videos has more than 16000 views and more than 180 comments. We are very happy to resolve our viewer's problems.
People are calling from Kashmir, Bihar and also from other states for ACL Tear either they are facing partial or complete tear…. Most of them are from a very poor background or from Any sports area like the Pro Kabaddi League. So, today we are on for Special edition. If Your doctor suggests for ACL Repair surgery and you are not able to go for treatment (Whatever reason….). then this video is for you….

Here we are dividing three phases:
In the First Phase,

if the doctor confirms for ACL tear surgery, then you have to ensure that we do not operate ACL Surgery immediately. We are taking 3 to 6 weeks as an ideal time for surgery. In first 2 months, you have to focus on Range of motion of the leg. Use ICE Packs and static points of motion (You can see in the next video, where we are showing practical exercise on the knee after an ACL tear). One of the most Important Point, you have to learn here if you have achieved 100% complete range of motion after ACL or PCL injury, then after surgery becomes very easy and after surgery recovery is also very easy. And also, you have to remember that exercise is very important along with the brace cap.

In the Second phase start 2 months to 6 months,

you have to work on muscle especially thigh muscle. Make them stronger to prevent any cartilage injury (behind knee cap). Second Preventive step to stop any development for meniscus injury.

In the third Stage, if patient waiting time is more than 6 to 8 month,

Then we suggest you go for All around muscle building along with muscle balancing ac, so prevent any injury. And also, we suggest watching another video on ACL Injury, so you can learn about ACL.

Question: What should you do with swelling in the knee, use hot water or icing?

According to Doctor icing used for mild swelling and hot water use for chronic swelling on the knee. But now a day’s ice pack is used widely for knee swelling.

Question: Most of the people asked about ACL surgery, can ACL Surgery be healed by itself?

Its depend upon ACL Injury, either partial injury or total injury.

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