Arthritis Knee Pain Frequently asked Questions Answer by Knee Specialist in India

Arthritis Knee Pain Frequently asked Questions Answer by Knee Specialist in India

Arthritis Knee Pain Specialist in India
By UPHI Hospital, July, 23 2018 (Updated and Edited - 18/07/2020)

A knee pain is a very common problem in every age group. The pain in the knee can occur in any part of the bony structure like kneecap, cartilage or the ligaments. Knee pain depends upon the part of bony structure in which the pain occur. The knee pain can be due to the broken or torn ligaments or meniscus tear, infection, arthritis, osteoarthritis, patellar syndromes, tendinitis or bursitis.

Osteoarthritis is a very common type of arthritis that is due to loose or breakdown of the cartilage. The breakdown of the cartilage causes inflammation in the joints of the knee which is known as osteoarthritis.

The symptoms of the osteoarthritis may include pain, swollen joints, stiffness and the crankiness in the joints. It mainly occurs before 45 in men and after 55 in women frequently.

A discussion with the best knee specialist in Gurgaon, Practicing in UPHI Hospital regarding osteoarthritis.

1. Is arthritis reversible?

Arthritis has different types. Arthritis which we are talking about is osteoarthritis, is not reversible. But for the young patient it is reversible if it is detected earlier. In the early stage, cartilage starts to thin out and crack starts to form in. In this stage, we can reverse it by exercise.

2. Is osteoarthritis cured by yoga?

No, Yoga cannot cure or solve this type of arthritis. If you are doing yoga from a long time, you should not take extreme movement if you have osteoarthritis.

3. Can pain relief medicines solve the knee problems?

Pain killer can reduce the strain of knee pain or inflammation which can be used in acute stages. But it also have side effect for long term uses, it can effect to kidney or liver.

4. Can knee pain problem be reduced by exercise for old age?

Yes, we can reduce the knee pain by exercise.

5. Can steroids pain relief works in Knee Pain?

Yes, steroids can be given for the pain relief in the acute stage or inflammation when pain relief medicines cannot be given. It can be given in the form of injection when a patient has liver or kidney problem.

6. How much important is Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is very important. a patient has too maintain high level of vitamin D. The vitamin level is 30-100 and for the patient of arthritis, it should be 80-90.

7. Is there any test by which a patient can know he is recovering from osteoarthritis?

Cardiogram (Special MRI) can give the accurate result or the status of your knee if you are suffering from osteoarthritis.

8. Can running give the negative effect to your joints?

Running exercise will not effect if you are running from young age. But yes, it can affect your joint if you are starting running at age of 40 suddenly.

9. Can Knee replacement surgery solve the arthritis?

yes, arthritis problem can be solved by the knee replacement surgery if arthritis is related with knee especially.

10. Is any liquid or water substance in the knee called arthritis?

Inflammatory thick fluid in the arthritis is normal. But in the osteoarthritis, the fluid can be thin in the low amount.

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