Ask Yourself if You tend to have the Piles Symptoms?

Ask Yourself if You tend to have the Piles Symptoms?

Ask Yourself if You tend to have the Piles Symptoms
By UPHI Hospital, February, 7 2019

Why Piles have become a common problem among youth!! Why working guys are more prone to have the rectal problem! Why Home Treatments and natural remedies are not effective to cure the piles problem of the root!! There are too many such questions which stuck in our mind. Actually, our lifestyle habits are the common reason causing the Piles problem. So if you find the symptoms of Piles, just ask yourself a few questions which are:-

  • Do You Drink Plenty of Water?
  • Are you having a habit of Drinking juice daily?
  • Do you have healthy diets?
  • Do you eat fresh veggies and fresh fruits?
  • Are Rich Fiber diets included in your food?
  • Do You consume minerals and supplements to fill the nutrients quantity?
  • Do You exercise daily?
  • Is Yoga in your habit?
  • Do you use mobile phones in the toilet for long hours?
  • Do you read newspapers in the toilet for a long time?
  • Do you clean your rectal part of on routine basis?
  • Do you take a bath daily?
  • Do you change your undergarments daily?
  • Do you put more pressure while making bowel movements?
  • Are You suffering from the constipation of diarrhea problems?
  • Do you have anal sex?

These questions will reveal life style habits. Better you opt the eating and drinking habit, healthier you would be. Putting more pressure on your rectal region will lead to occur internal or external piles. Do not sit in the toilet for long hours. Try to sit in a squat position while urinating or bowel movements. Still not able to get the right answer for your doubts, please do consult our piles expert in Gurgaon @ UPHI.

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