Breast Augmentation - Is the procedure safe?

Breast Augmentation - Is the procedure safe?

By UPHI Hospital, February, 2 2020

Small breasts can be a great source of concern for females especially the younger ones as it affects self confidence and also the constant use of padded brassiere while wearing different types of clothes can be an added stress.

In this digital age when you are being offered with multiple options, it’s important to make an informed decision.

We at UPHI hospital are regularly helping women achieve their desired figure. In this interview, Ms. Bharti (Manager, UPHI) sat with our expert in breast surgeries and has unique and holistic approach tailored to an individual.

Ms. Bharti – What are different options while opting for breast augmentation?

Doctor – FAT & IMPLANT are the two options. Fat can be taken from body (thigh, abdomen, back) and can be put into breast. The other option and most preferred option is Implant where women can choose what size she wants. In some cases both of these techniques can be combined for enhancing cleavage.

Ms. Bharti – Are breast implants safe?

Doctor – There have been cases reported of ALCL, a type of lymphatic not blood cancer which have been seen with use of TEXTURED implants. I have been using the safest implants in my practice which is the SMOOTH implants which is free from all those risks.

Ms. Bharti- Are the scars visible?

Doctor – Scars can be a cause of great concern for any person and as cosmetic surgeon we specialize to make scar inconspicuous. Incision is given underneath the breast so that they are not visible. There is no scar on breast or nipple!

Ms. Bharti – Does it require long leaves?

Doctor – It’s a day care procedure and patient is discharged by the evening. She can resume office the very next day. Within fourteen days she can resume light exercise and by the end of the month she can follow her exercise regime.

Ms. Bharti - Is the procedure safe?

Doctor – Breast implants are one of the most common procedures world wide and in the hands of a certified plastic surgeon and a good surgical facility the procedure goes smoothly.

For more information about Breast implants or breast augmentation through book an appointment with our breast augmentation expert.

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