Characteristics of a Laparoscopic Surgeon

Characteristics of a Laparoscopic Surgeon

Characteristics of a Laparoscopic Surgeon
By UPHI Hospital, March, 25 2019

Laparoscopic or any kind of Surgery is not everyone’s cup of tea. Though it can be an extremely enjoyable, intellectually demanding and satisfying career for the people suitable for it. You must have the right kind of personality for the job and you will require a mix of the following skills and qualities:

Specialist knowledge: is required for accurate diagnosis of a patient’s condition.

Good communication skills: Good communication skills are required to be a leader of your medical team and to speak with your patients and their families. The profession makes you listen to and understand the concerns of a large range of people and earn their trust.

Experience: Extensive experience is required for preoperative and postoperative care.

Physical strength: Surgeons need physical strength as they have to work for long, irregular hours and night shifts also. Sometimes, if a patient’s condition needs, they have to turn or lift the patients at the time of treatment.

Psychological strength: A laparoscopic surgeon must know the range of unpredictability as he has to face new challenges every now and then. Compassion permits the doctor to converse with and gauge the health of patients. Patients are not at their best always and you need the patience to deal with them. A good surgical decision is also possible with patience and sobriety.

Mechanical skillfulness: Hand skillfulness and coordination are a necessity for laparoscopic surgeons. They work with very specific instruments, and mistakes can give rigorous consequences.

Capability to adapt to a changing environment: as healthcare evolves and there are medical developments, the surgeon will need to have commitment and enthusiasm for the learning of new techniques and skills.

Leadership Quality: is required to manage your team and to train the surgeons of the future. You should have the skill to motivate others.

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