Diet Plan to Cure Anal Fistula

Diet Plan to Cure Anal Fistula

Diet Plan to Cure Anal Fistula
By UPHI Hospital, March, 11 2019

Fistula is an abnormal medical problem in which two or more tissues in the body are connected. Generally, fistula needs immediate medical attention. Though, in a less severe case, if diagnosed early, it may be treated with the proper diet which includes the necessary nutrients. The quantity to be taken, regularity and the level of sincerity towards the diet would depend on the nature of fistula, its stage and the metabolism of the patient.

Treatment through diet

A high-fiber diet is recommended as part of a complete treatment program for anal fistula. Fiber bulks up the stool and makes bowel movements convenient to pass, decreasing strain on the anal sphincter and avoiding painful constipation. Drinking a huge amount of water and other noncaffeinated drinks all through the day may soften stool and ease bowel movements. Your doctor may suggest adding psyllium seed or any other natural fiber supplement to support bowel activity and soften digestive wastes.

Fruits, nuts, and vegetables provide vitamins and minerals which support your immune system and support wound healing. Beta carotene which is a plant-based compound in orange, yellow, red vegetables and fruits and in green leafy vegetables, changes to vitamin A when food is digested. Vitamin A maintains the integrity of the skin and the tissues that line body cavities. Vitamin C that occurs in citrus fruits, tomatoes, and some other fruits and vegetables improves the immune system and helps your body resist infection. Almonds, cashew nuts, and peanuts have zinc, a mineral that supports new cell formation and wound curing. Raw produce holds a high amount of water-soluble nutrients, like vitamins B and C than cooked fruits and vegetables. However, if you don’t like raw food, eating baked, steamed or roasted foods that are high in fiber may also be helpful.

Therefore, a diet which includes raw fruits, vegetables and nuts may decrease the symptoms of an anal fistula and support wound healing. Bowel movements may cause severe pain with an anal fistula, particularly when digestive wastes are hard and difficult to pass. A diet for anal fistula must put emphasis on nutritious high-fiber foods that ease bowel movements and support the creation of healthy new tissue.

Healthy Lifestyle may cure the Fistula problem to a great extent, still one can opt for the Laser Fistula Treatment in Gurgaon only @ UPHI.

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