Difference Between Revirgination & Hymenoplasty

Difference Between Revirgination & Hymenoplasty

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By UPHI Hospital, April, 15 2019

Many women from all over the world prefer to go for an operation called hymenoplasty before marriage if they are involved in premarital sex. They think that they can regain their lost virginity by the procedure of hymenoplasty. According to medical professionals Hymenoplasty is to create the hymen which is torn during first sex but cannot regain ‘lost virginity’. But, there is one more procedure known as revirgination to restore all changes in the genitalia which happens following the recurrent intercourse. Revirgination includes hymen restoration through hymenoplasty, tightening of the vaginal vault through vaginoplasty, and correction of labial flare through bulbospongioplasty.

The typical patient for hymenoplasty is generally an unmarried woman who has experienced sex before marriage and is getting married soon. Most of them don’t know the difference between revirgination and hymenoplasty. They don’t even understand whether they should go for hymenoplasty or revirgination. In fact, Married women may undergo this process to enjoy sexual life.

Hymenoplasty and revirgination are not the same, and there is a need to change this opinion in both patients and the medical profession.

The process of Hymenoplasty & Revirgination

The operation is done under general or local anesthesia according to the choice of patients. Patients are placed in the lithotomic position. The hymenoplasty is performed first by uniting the torn remnants of the hymen. A transverse incision is then made in the vestibular mucosa posterior to the vaginal wall The posterior vaginal wall is raised as a flap and superficial muscles are reefed. The posterior vaginal’s mucosa is tightened by creating rugae. Then, through the incision in the vestibular mucosa, the bulbospongiosus muscles are dissected on either side and reefing is performed. The rugi are created on vaginal mucosa. Your doctor holds the tissue and goes for stitching from superior end to the interior end. Many vertical and crosswise rugae are created through this technique until the vagina is tight. Some ointment is applied and no dressing is given. Post operation, patients are advised to clean the area and apply the ointment. Simple painkillers are given for pain relief. Some antibiotics are also given.

For about a week, revirgination patients may feel pain and slightly bloody discharge occasionally. After one week generally patient starts feeling comfortable.

Why People go for Hymenoplasty?

There are two types of requirements. The first one is based on strong religious and cultural beliefs. Religious texts say that a girl has to be a virgin, and in certain customs, if a woman found on her wedding night to have been ‘touched’ gets shame to her family. Consequences consist of divorce and sometimes even death. It is reasonable then that young ladies go to great lengths to ensure their hymen is unbroken and get it repaired if necessary. And the second type of people who are going for hymenoplasty, not because of fear of being discovered, or problems in married life but because of their desire to be a ‘virgin’ on their marriage day and most of the time with the awareness and consent of their husbands to be. Nowadays similar observation has been made of couples demanding for the female to undergo hymenoplasty to make a significant wedding anniversary and to enjoy a symbolic revirgination.

In Western countries and in India hymenoplasty is lawful.

The job and need for hymenoplasty are debatable but not the revirgination procedure. In revirgination, the tightness created cannot be denied to a patient by any law anywhere in the world and is the right of every woman to demand this. Every married pair is allowed to the feel of vaginal tightness and getting intensified sexual pleasure!!

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