Breast Augmentation - Is the procedure safe?

Fat Transfer: Enhancing face and body through one's own fat

Fat Transfer: Enhancing face and body
By UPHI Hospital, February, 25 2020

Fat transfer is a procedure in which unwanted fat can be taken out from your belly, flanks and thighs and that can be used to enhance your body and facial features. Being from one's own body it is safe and has long lasting effect as it is rich in stem cells. It is also known as fat grafting/ lipofilling and is one of the most upcoming procedures in the world of aesthetics.

Q1. In which cases it can be done?

Face - Sunken cheeks, grooves around nose to the corners of the mouth, lower eyelids, lips. It is also very effective in treating acne scars, scars after trauma, chicken pox scars, under eye dark circles, facial deformity.

Breast – In patients who don't want to undergo breast implant, fat transfer is a good option.

Body – Fat can be safely implanted into areas like buttock where it is popularly known as buttock augmentation.

Q2. How is it done?

It can be done under both general and local anesthesia depending on amount of fat required. In cases of face or small scars, it can be done in local anesthesia. Fat is taken from belly or thigh region by numbing that area and a through a very small cannula fat is taken out. It is then processed using standard technique and depending upon the indications different types of fat like micro fat, nanofat, SNIF can be used. Patient is discharged after the procedure and a small dressing is put on the donor area which can removed the next day. In case of general anesthesia patient can be discharged by evening or next day.

Q3. Is the procedure painful?

The procedure causes a little discomfort that resolves with oral medication. You can resume your normal activities the very next day.

Q4. What are the possible risks?

Procedure if done by a board certified plastic surgeon ensures that there are minimal chances of possible complications like asymmetry, overcorrection, contouring irregularity, infection.

Q5. Are the results permanent?

Usually around 20% of fat transferred absorbs after a year, rest of the fat stays at the site where it has been put throughout life in most of the patients.

Fat transfer/ fat grafting is a technique which has been mastered by few in India. Our Expert has done extensive research on fat and is an expert fat grafting surgeon. He is an expert on nanofat technique which is a special and latest technique of fat grafting. To know more about fat transfer visit UPHI hospital Gurugram or call : +91 9555983983

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