After Gynecomastia Surgery : Frequently Asked Question

After Gynecomastia Surgery : Frequently Asked Question

After Gynecomastia Surgery : Frequently Asked Question
By UPHI Hospital, January, 29 2019

How painful is the recovery from Gynecomastia Surgery?

Mostly men will feel little discomfort or heaviness in chest that usually is tolerable. Painkillers are prescribed but most of the patients don't really feel the need to have it.

How soon can I go to work?

If your job doesn't involve strenuous work, you can resume work in two days to allow your body to recover.

When can I drive?

It depends on your comfort level and whether or not you are taking pain medications. There is no restricted time frame and is a personal decision.

When can I resume exercise?

You can start brisk walk after a week, cardio after around 3 weeks and heavy weight lifting after 4-6 weeks.

When can I take a bath?

You can take bath the next day after the surgery.

How long does the swelling last?

Swelling increases after surgery, usually peaking about 5-6 days after gynecomastia surgery. After that, the swelling will subside, rapidly at first, and then gradually. It's generally fully subsides by 6 months.

How long will I have to wear compression garment?

You will be sent home wearing a compression garment. To get the best results it's advisable to wear it for 6 weeks.

Will I get a phone call from the doctor the night of my surgery?

Our Doctor calls all of his gynecomastia patients the night of surgery to check on how they are doing. Equally important is for patients to call him if they have any concerns.UPHI Hospital provides complete treatment for gynaecomastia patients and is fully equipped with all the latest technologies.

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