How Homeopathy Can Help To Cure Gallstones?

How Homeopathy Can Help To Cure Gallstones?

Homeopathy Can Help To Cure Gallstones
By UPHI Hospital, March, 11 2019

Calcarea carbonica: your gallbladder stones may sometimes occur due to a family history that comes with genes. In such cases, calcarean carbonica is the remedy used for treatment. The medicine is also useful for the patients having signs of anxiety or is overweight with high deposits of triglycerides and cholesterol.

Chelidonium: This medicine is recommended if the patient experience pain under the right shoulder blade and pain in the upper right abdomen that spreads to the back.

Lycopodium: This medicine is given If a patient has a family history of kidney and gallstones along with problems like poor digestive health, gastric problems, high levels of bad cholesterol, peptic ulcers, constipation or bloating. The patient generally gets biliary colic pains late in the afternoon. 

Natrum Sulphuricum: If a patient is having disorders like chronic diarrhea, abdominal pain, asthma, depression, obesity or joint pains and the patient becomes too sensitive to environmental changes, this medicine can be prescribed.

Nux vomica: If a patient is suffering from nausea, colic pains, spasmodic pains, heartburn, gastric issues or bloating and eats too much of fried foods then this remedy is given to cure gallbladder stones.

Hence, homeopathy treatment is based on the symptoms and habits of a patient. Homeopathy can cure small and medium-sized gallbladder stones without surgery. 

Homeopathy techniques may bring slow results so better to get the Proven Gall Stone Removal Treatment in Gurgaon only @ UPHI.

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