How Homeopathy Treatment can Manage Vulva Dryness

How Homeopathy Treatment can Manage Vulva Dryness

Homeopathy Treatment can Manage Vulva Dryness
By UPHI Hospital, March, 1 2019

Women mostly hesitate to talk on personal issues and if issues are related with a vagina then they are undergoing in the shell. The vaginal area is a well-lubricated area which performs various functions. Vaginal dryness can be an overall health problem. The impact of vaginal dryness was far-reaching and greatly affecting women's self -esteem. Though a woman of any age group can have vaginal dryness, it is very common for the following group menopause, after childbirth, during lactation and in women on hormone replacement therapy etc. The hormone levels play a key role in the vaginal dryness, and these conditions lead to increased dryness level. It may also lead to vaginal itching and burning. It may also lead to bleeding in many cases. There is a host of associated complaints like mood swings, irritability, depression and hot flushes in these women. Homeopathy not only treats just the dryness but these associated symptoms as well. Given the sensitive nature of the topic, it is also advisable to involve the partner in these discussions as they can cooperate and help in managing the mood swings.

Various medicines used for Manage Vulva Dryness:

Sepia: Effective in vaginal dryness associated with painful sex and menopause.

Lycopodium: Effective in vulva dryness related to vaginal burning sensation.

Bellis perennis: This is very effective when there is a bruised sensation in the vagina.

Platina: When vaginal dryness is accompanied by genital hypersensitivity, increased sexual urge, itching etc. It is also helpful in cases of both dyspareunia and vaginismus (involuntary contractions of the vagina).

Argentum Nitricum: This is most reliable when there is painful sex followed by bleeding.

Natrum Mur: This is beneficial when there is itching and soreness in the vaginal area associated with an acrid discharge .which can lead to interruption of intercourse.

Above mentioned are some of the common ingredients but should not be used without consulting your doctor. Involving the partner is also useful in getting improved results. Homeopathy is a purely natural and non-toxic way of medicine. Homeopathy is the second most widely used system of medicine which often gives the patient more than they need. So, go with homeopathy by consulting your doctor.

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