How Squatting Effect the Colorectal Diseases!!

How Squatting Effect the Colorectal Diseases!!

Squatting Effect the Colorectal Diseases
By UPHI Hospital, February, 21 2019

What do you understand with the colorectal disease? We are aware that the combination of Colon and rectum make up the large intestine. Our lifestyle habits affect our colon and rectum. Any bad habits will lead to affect both adversely and the disease may be referred to as “Colorectal Diseases”. These diseases may include constipation, piles, and anal cancer in a severe case.

Now we will talk about the squatting and its effects on Colorectal problems. Not every rectum or anal problem can be solved through the squatting. Here we will discuss the most common problems i.e. Piles & Fissure.

Relationship of squatting with Piles:

Piles is known as the most common anal problem which affects the whole colorectal problems. Piles are the swollen blood vessels inside the rectum causing pain, itchiness irritation and discomfort. The most common causes of Piles can be diarrhea, constipation, poor diet, excessive alcohol, smoking and straining too much in toilets. In a major case, your sitting habits in the toilet may impact colorectal problems. Sitting on the commode may make the rectum channel a bit blocked and straining too much may care piles. So if you defecate in the squat position, the chance is of having the open channel so the feces may come out easily and smoothly. So squatting eliminate the risk of Piles.

Relationship of squatting with Fissures:

As we know, the fissure is a small cut in the opening of anal lining which may cause severe pain while defecation. The fissure may cause due to diarrhea, or childbirth. Usually, Fissure is found in infants who are having hard stools problem. Adults may have it due to poor lifestyle and excessive exercising. Squatting may make the fissure worsen as widening the lower part may spread the tearing cut and may cause bleeding. Squatting doesn't cause the fissure but yes it may worsen the problem. Do not squat if you have Fissure.

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