How To Care For An Infant After Hernia Surgery

How To Care For An Infant After Hernia Surgery

Care For An Infant After Hernia Surgery
By UPHI Hospital, March, 15 2019

Generally, a hernia repair is day surgery. After the surgery, your child will be sent to the recovery area, and you can observe your child during he or she is waking up. Mostly, children go home when they are awake and able to take liquids after the surgery. If your child is a premature baby or has other health issues, your surgeon may keep the child in the hospital overnight to watch his or her breathing.

Taking care of the incision

The child will have stitches to close the incision. The stitches are covered with either a small dressing or small pieces of tape, known as steri-strips.

  • The stitches generally dissolve in several days.
  • You may soak the dressing off in the bathtub after 5 days.
  • Normally, steri-strips will fall off on their own. But, if they have not fallen off 7 to 10 days after the procedure, you may take them off.

Always clean your hands before you touch or clean the incision area. A little amount of blood staining the steri-strips is common, as long as the blood is dry and not spreading. But, if it is spreading or looks fresh (bright red in color). You should:

  • Press on the area for five to six minutes.
  • Call your doctor If the bleeding does not stop

Pain Relief

At the end of the surgery, a long-acting, numbing medication is given into the incision. Regular painkillers are given at a gap of 4 to 6 hours for the first 24 hours after the operation. 

Food and drink

During the first 24 hours after the procedure, your child may feel nauseated or vomit which is normal. Give clear liquids initially and restart a normal diet when your child feels better.


Your child can bathe normally after 48 hours of surgery.


Let your child take proper rest for one or two days. After that, they can gradually restart their normal activities at their own pace.

Follow up

A follow-up checkup is required after a month of surgery. Consult your doctor if you find any complications like red painful incision with tenderness, a high degree of fever and any secretions from the incision.


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