How to Get Rid of Gallstones Naturally

How to Get Rid of Gallstones Naturally

Get Rid of Gallstones Naturally
By UPHI Hospital, March, 10 2019

Gallstones are hard deposits that occur in your gallbladder. There are two kinds of gallstones:

Cholesterol gall stones: very common and made up of excess cholesterol.

Pigment gallstones: these are made up of excess bilirubin.

Though surgery is a common treatment for gallstones, you can treat them with natural remedies also. Here are some natural remedies for gallstones.

Gallbladder cleanse

This is a very common treatment for gallstones. It helps to break down the gallstones and flushes them from the body. A gallbladder flush includes taking a blend of apple juice, herbs, and olive oil for 2 or more days. Throughout that time, people are not supposed to consume anything apart from the oil mixture. This mixture can be unsafe for people with diabetes, or who have low blood sugar.

Apple cider vinegar with apple juice for gallstones

It is believed that apple juice softens gallstones, letting them to be excreted from the body with ease. Apple cider vinegar can also be added to the apple juice before consuming it. 

Milk thistle for gallstone

Milk thistle may treat liver and gallbladder disorders by stimulating both organs. Milk thistle can be taken in pill form as a supplement. Milk thistle can lower blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes. Consult your doctor before you go for milk thistle.  

Artichoke for gallstone

Artichoke has been found to be helpful for gallbladder function. It stimulates bile and is also good for the liver. It can be steamed, pickled, or grilled. You can eat artichoke if you’re able to tolerate it. Artichoke in pill form or as a supplement should be taken after consulting your doctor.

Castor oil pack for gallstone

Castor oil packs are another ancient remedy, and some people prefer to use this method instead of a gallbladder cleanse. Warm cloths soaked in castor oil are placed on your abdomen. The packs are believed to ease pain and help treat your gallstones. There are no scientific studies to support claims that this treatment is effective.

Acupuncture for gallstone

Acupuncture may help ease pain from gallstones by reducing spasms, lessening bile flow, and restoring proper function. 

Yoga for gallstone

Some yoga poses are also believed to cure gallstones, though no studies support this claim. Here is a list of poses that are believed to be beneficial for people with gallstones:

  • Dhanurasana 
  • Bhujangasana 
  • Pachimotasana 
  • Shalabhasana 
  • Sarvangasana

Natural techniques may fail sometimes so better to get the Proven Gall Stone Removal Treatment in Gurgaon only @ UPHI.

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