How to get rid of Stubborn fat – Liposuction Surgery

How to get rid of Stubborn fat – Liposuction Surgery?

How to get rid of Stubborn fat
By UPHI Hospital, January, 24 2020

Even after following a healthy lifestyle and a good diet is your stubborn fat refusing to go away. Liposuction might be the solution for you. Here are some frequently asked questions about Liposuction.

Q1. What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a procedure in which fat is sucked out of your body by means of special cannula

Q2. How is it done?

Depending on the sites, few small (less than 5mm) incisions are given. Sites are chosen so that you have an inconspicuous scar.

Q3. In which area can I get liposuction done?

Double chin, heavy arms, male boobs, abdomen, 6 pack abs, love handles, back, thighs. Depending on your concerns and assessment areas can be selected.

Q4. Is the procedure painful?

Liposuction is done by numbing the area, so there is no pain. It can be done under Local or General anesthesia.

Q5. When can I resume work?

Depending on the area of liposuction you can resume work after rest of 2 days which is required for body to heal. You will have to wear a compression garment 24*7 for 4 weeks and after that you can reduce to half for another 4 weeks. You can drive after one week and do light work. It’s advisable to resume heavy exercise after 1 month.

Q6. When will I get the final results?

Generally swelling starts subsiding at 4-6 weeks. Complete results should be assessed only after 6 months.

To know more about the procedure, watch this video where Dr. Anmol Chugh, Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon at UPHI Hospital, Gurugram explains in detail about it. Do keep on following YouTube Channel of UPHI for our Holistic Cosmetic Surgery Program. To book an appointment with our liposuction expert in Gurgaon Dr. Anmol Chugh. Call now on : +91 9870 274 224

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