How to Prevent Pilonidal Cyst Growth

How to Prevent Pilonidal Cyst Growth

Prevent Pilonidal Cyst Growth
By UPHI Hospital, March, 10 2019

A pilonidal sinus is a little hole or tunnel in the natal cleft between the buttocks. It can be asymptomatic and require treatment only when it becomes infected. Unluckily, there is no accurate way to prevent the growth of a pilonidal cyst. Though, there are several ways to reduce your risk. Here is a list of suggestions you can follow:

Keep the affected area clean

Exfoliate and clean the affected area regularly to get rid of any collection of debris. Take away loose or stray strands of hair which can enter the skin. Keep the area dry as moisture can increase bacteria and other microorganisms.

Get a healthy weight

Obese or overweight people are prone to pilonidal sinus due to the extra pressure and depth of the intergluteal cleft. Therefore, it is recommended to maintain a healthy weight by improving your diet and exercising frequently.

Stay away from prolonged sitting

As constant pressure on the sacral region increases the risk of pilonidal sinus, you should avoid sitting in a position for a prolonged period. 

Preventing Pilonidal Cyst Recurrence

Pilonidal cyst recurrence is very common. To prevent the growth of another cyst or the previous cyst become infected again, here are some suggestions you can follow:

Examine the affected area for lumps or soreness regularly

Check the area around the prior pilonidal cyst for any possible lump or soreness. If you find any sign that you’re getting a pilonidal cyst again, consult a physician to stop the development.

Eliminate hairs from the affected area

 It is recommended that you remove any hair from the sacral area if you are prone to pilonidal cysts. This will avoid the risk of getting ingrown hairs or any loose hair entering the skin again.

Care during Pilonidal Sinus:

Generally, Pilonidal cysts don’t require treatment if they are not infected. Treatment for infected cyst may involve:

Antibiotic medications for infection

However, they can only give momentary relief and they also cannot stop a cyst from becoming infected again.

Incision and drainage:

The cyst is cut open and infected substance is permitted to drain.

Surgery for Pilonidal Cyst:

Surgery is necessary for the removal of the cyst if the infection is severe and does not respond to medicines, or recurrence is there.  


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