Improve Your Running

Improve Your Running

Improve Your Running
By UPHI Hospital, February, 26 2019

Running is one of the best forms of exercise as it has lots of benefits, like running helps you in maintaining your body weight by cutting down that extra body fat, and keeps you slim and trim. It also helps in improving your metabolism. Regular exercising will enhance your stamina and make you energetic.

Prior to you start your running; there are certain things you should know about:

Set Goals: having a goal will make it easy, a goal can be as simple as don’t quit (run at least one mile a day).It will motivate you to be consistent.

Get proper form: Good running form will make you more efficient and it also prevents injuries and helps you run faster.

Have patience: As we know that nothing can change in a day, you will find improvement gradually. So, have patience!

Track your progress: keep a check on your running and you’re more likely to stick to your plan and improve. You can have a smartwatch or a smartphone to track your running habits and to observe how you’re doing.

Be Comfortable: It is very essential to feel comfortable before you start your exercise. So, it is very important to get comfortable clothing and perfect shoes before you start running.

Eat well: A balanced healthy diet full of all the essential nutrients is an absolute necessity if you planning to take up running as a regular exercise. Running will take up a lot of energy and a healthy diet is a must if you aim at being fit and strong.

Drink plenty of water: It is very necessary to drink lots of water and keep you hydrated all through the day.

Calm your body and mind: Running in the morning can have a positive impact on you as it reduces your stress level, makes you fit and keeps you calm and sound throughout the day.

Set your running goals and have a great Immune System & Healthy Body!!

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