Is your increased breast size weighing you down

Is your increased breast size weighing you down

increased breast size weighing you down
By UPHI Hospital, July, 25 2018

Why is Breast health important?

Breasts are a profound symbol of feminity and a feature to which a woman’s confidence is directly linked to. Awareness about breast health is fortunately on the increase.   More women are visiting breast clinics to get themselves examined and to learn self-breast examination. The internet is rife with knowledge on breast cancer, breast enhancements. With a society obsessed with breast size, breast augmentations are increasingly being sought at the clinics of the Plastic Surgeons.

Oversized breasts: An ignored problem

However among all this noise a condition that hasn’t yet found its voice is the problem of large breasts, hypermastia, massive breasts or simply increased breast size. Pregnancy and lactation bring about multiple changes in a woman’s body and this condition is more common in women who have borne children however, even younger women or the ones who have not gone through pregnancy and lactation experience it.

A large section of women suffering from increased breast size sadly never know that help is at hand.

A search for a bigger bra doesn’t end and breast support is never enough by what is available. Increasingly they adapt themselves to the massive sizes and slouch, bend, wear loose clothes and self-confidence goes for a toss. Associated with the large breasts come other problems like back pain, neck pain, shoulder grooves (due to the bra straps), sprained back muscles, shoulder rashes and also headaches.

Is a non-invasive medical solution really available?

There is a whole market that thrives on selling creams for breast reductions, beauty parlours and spas have massages to reduce breast size and therapies with ‘sure shot’ remedies for the problem and the innocuous ‘non-invasive’ therapy markets find a favour with most of the women seeking solutions for their increased breast size.   To bring things in perspective it is for all women to know that the increase in breast size is not due to fat alone or rather it is not majorly due to fat. It is mostly Gland hypertrophy and no amount of massages, creams, spas, medical therapy or hormone therapies promising to reduce the size will help.

What are the solutions available?

Surgery is the only real option available for the reduction of breast size. Medical treatment as the likes of Hormone therapy is not beneficial. Support brassieres help to a little degree and that too by transferring the load to other areas such as the shoulders.   Most of the women with large breasts that visit the Breast Plastic surgeon actually do so to seek a lift rather than a reduction. Some even with their breasts reaching up to the level of the umbilicus. They are surprised to know that a surgery called breast reduction exists.

What is the degree of relief?

Most of the women who undergo this surgery later agree that had they been better informed they would have opted for it much earlier. They give examples of how they adapted to a different lifestyle because of their increased breast size.

  • How they stopped jogging and started to walk for exercise instead.
  • How they had to change their dressing habits to stop feeling embarrassed about the load they have to carry.
  • How they often looked in the mirror and held both their breasts in their hands and lifted them and wished for a better shape.
  • How they felt helpless and how their partners really did not think of it as much of a problem,
  • How their sexual health was increasingly getting affected.

The examples are numerous and the nature of the problem the same.

The Myths?

There are numerous myths surrounding this procedure as with other Plastic Surgery procedures. The function of the breast is not compromised and lactation is possible even after the surgery. A list of pros and cons has to be discussed with the Plastic Surgeon. Interestingly enough, contrary to popular belief breast reduction surgery is better considered under reconstructive rather than Cosmetic Surgery.

The end result

The goals of the surgery are to reduce volume whilst striving to achieve an aesthetically pleasing shape and maintaining breast function.   Patient usually request improvement in symptoms and are rarely disappointed. It is an extremely gratifying surgery for the patient as well as the surgeon. In most cases a hospital stay of a day or a couple of days is required. Few dressings are necessary in the post-operative period and normal work can resume in a week following the surgery.   With breast reduction surgery there is a real improvement in posture, exercise tolerance and psycho-social well being.

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