Laser Surgery And Its Benefits

Laser Surgery And Its Benefits

Laser Surgery And Its Benefits
By UPHI Hospital, March, 18 2019 (Edited March, 3 2020)

Laser surgery is a kind of surgery that makes use of special light beams instead of devices for surgical procedures. In the practice, the laser beam is used to make bloodless cuts in tissue or eliminate a surface lesion like a skin tumor. There are several types of lasers that vary in emitted light wavelengths and power ranges to clot, cut or vaporize the tissue. The interaction of laser light with tissue gets a different approach to surgery. In laser surgery, a highly focused laser beam efficiently ablates the tissue and seals lymphatics, capillaries, small blood vessels, and nerve endings. 

Benefits of Laser Surgery Processes

Minimal Bleeding: As it cuts, the laser energy seals small blood vessels that reduce bleeding radically which enables a number of new surgical practices which is not a matter-of-fact with a conventional scalpel.

Less Pain: Less postoperative pain is there because of the sealing of nerve ends. The patient does not experience any bothersome pain in laser surgery and feels quite relaxed during post-operative recovery.

Minimal risk of infection: The sterilization is built in as there is no contact with mechanical instruments and CO2 laser beam also has a unique quality to kill the bacteria and provide a sterilizing effect.

Clear view of the area: Because no mechanical instruments are there to block it.

Enable Microsurgery: It makes possible to carry out microsurgery under a microscope. It can be controlled through a computer and operate with a minute area of effect under a microscope.   

Cutting tool: The laser may be used as a cutting tool.

Shorter recovery time: The recovery is very quick and less complicated.

The laser surgery also makes it possible to perform surgical practices inside the body without even opening it by using optical fibers for the transmission of the laser beam.

A number of hospitals prefer laser surgeries in comparison to the traditional one as it reduces the efforts and provide painless and bloodless surgeries with minimal possibility of complications and gives speedy recovery

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