Meniscus Tear Frequently asked Questions Answer by Knee Surgeon in India

Meniscus Tear Frequently asked Questions Answer by Knee Surgeon in India

Frequently asked Questions Answer by Knee Surgeon in India
By UPHI Hospital, July, 25 2018

1. Can Meniscus tear heal itself?

Recovery of the meniscus depends upon the condition. If the meniscus Partial meniscus, it can reduce itself but cannot heal. They can be asymptomatic. Just after the injury, they can be swollen and in 3-4 months they can be in their own stage.

2. In which pain we should consult an orthopedic?

Every pain after one day of self-care like icing or medicine, you should consult your orthopedic.

3. How much critical is meniscus tear surgery?

It depends upon the surgery which surgery we are doing. If we are doing partial meniscus surgery, the procedure is for only half an hour. If we are repairing meniscus repair, it is also not a critical surgery.

4. Is this process, works under local anesthesia?

Yes, the process can work under local anesthesia. Even a patient can see the surgery.

5. What is the effect of removing meniscus in the long term run?

A meniscus has a particular work of observing the load from the upper leg and stabilizes the knee movements. Usually, Meniscus is not removed permanently, only some part of the tear meniscus is removed during the surgery to stabilize the knee.

6. How much time is needed to recover after meniscus tear surgery?

Usually, Orthopaedic surgeon prescribes 3-4 week time to not to give strain to knee and advise to use a walker. Within 6 weeks a patient gets back to his normal routine life.

7. At what stage surgeon advice for meniscus tear surgery?

If a patient has bucket handle tear then only surgeon advice for surgery. But in the marginal tear, we can wait for the self-improvements.

8. What is the common symptom of the meniscus tear?

Movement restriction and the pain during movement are the most common symptoms.

9. What would be the cost for the surgery of meniscus tear?

Usually, it depends upon the hospital, which hospital you choose for the surgery. It starts with the Rs. 80,000 onwards. During the meniscus repair, it requires switches and the cost for repairing the meniscus depends upon how many switches are used or require. The cost to repair meniscus repair goes up to 2.5 lakh

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