Natural Remedies for Piles

Natural Remedies for Piles

Natural Remedies for Piles
By UPHI Hospital, February, 7 2019

Bavasir or Piles has made the life of many people miserable. Piles is taken as the swollen veins or inflamed veins which may affect the anal area internally or externally. Although it is not a visible problem, yet the patients may feel discomfort, itching, pain, bleeding at a severe case. People, especially female can be seen feeling embarrassment while visiting the doctor to get the treatment for piles.

Home Remedies or natural solutions may not cure the piles problem of the root, yet it may cure the symptoms of the piles. Let's have a look at the natural remedies for piles which can be used at home by own:-

  • Sitz bath : Piles may cause itching, discomfort which may raise difficulty while sitting or standing. Sitting in the tub with Luke warm water for 10-15 minutes comfort the stolen or inflamed area. Doing it twice in a day can be more fruitful. It helps to cure the inflammation and make the anal area hydrated.

  • Olive Oil : Olive Oil has all the anti-inflammatory properties which act as a soothing agent. It provides an adequate elasticity of the blood vessels, which eventually leads to smoothen the bowel movements. It also makes the bowel movement painless.

  • Ghee : Consuming 2 spoon Cow ghee makes the bowel function smoothen. people can use the ghee in the milk they consume. To enhance the elasticity of the anal area, ghee can be applied which make the bowel movement ease. It works as the lubricants while passing the stools.

  • Ice : If you feel pain and itching all the time, better to apply an ice pack for 10-15 minutes on the inflamed area. It will reduce the Ain and will compress the blood vessels leading to stop the bleeding.

Although drinking water and intaking healthy diets will surely bring a positive effect. make a habit of Yoga & exercising daily and avoid sitting in the toilet for long hours. Piles patients are also advised not to wear tight clothes.

These are just the temporary steps as they just heal the external piles problem, not healed the piles from the root. These remedies help to cure the symptoms of piles till the time we use them. To get complete relief, it is always required to consult the Piles doctor in Gurgaon. If your piles are at the initial stage, it can be recovered through the medicine, else laser treatment can be opted to cure the chronic piles problem.

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