How to Treat Piles at Home

How to Treat Piles at Home

How to Treat Piles at Home
By UPHI Hospital, February, 7 2019

Piles which is also named as Haemorrhoids/ Bavaseer/ Mulvyadh etc. not only the males females can be seen suffering from this anal problem. Atoll causes are still uncertain, although it assumed to be occurred due to unhealthy lifestyles and bad eating habits. To cure this problem, medical consultation can be taken. Although people looking to cure the Piles problem as an initial stage can look for the homemade or natural ways to treat the piles. These Home Tips are:-

  • Fluid or Liquid Intake: Lack of adequate water may create problem of constipation which results in piles problem so better to intake 3 - 6 liters water in a day and drink one glass fresh juice daily. Adequate water level may ease the bowel movements.
  • Healthy Diets: people are more prone to junk foods which somehow spoiling the health of human beings so better to make a diet chart and to strictly follow the same. Add fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet chart which are rich in fiber and carbohydrates. One may include the green veggies, whole grain & multigrain etc. Avoid junk food, oily and spicy foods. To fulfill the quantity of the nutrients, supplements can be taken.
  • Exercise or Yoga daily: Do Yoga daily and go for more a walk daily. Sparing at least half an hour will surely improve the digestion system and overall body stamina. Walking, Jogging, cycling, swimming etc stay away from rectal problems. but do not over lift the weigh and do not indulge in heavy exercises.
  • Not sitting in the toilet for long hours: People have the tendency to use mobile phones or to read the newspapers in the toilet which make them sitting in the toilets for long hours. Better not to sit in the toilet for long hours as it may affect the pelvic region putting more pressure.
  • Taking Sitz Bath: Sitz bath helps to cure the inflammation and itching occurs at the rectal region due to piles.
  • Using Ointments: It will surely help to pass the bowel movements and may cure the inflammation occurs during Piles.

These problems may not give you the assurance to fully cure the piles problem. but surely it will receive you from the consequences or symptoms of the piles. in case of worst Piles Problems, better to Consult with the Piles doctor in Gurgaon @ UPHI.

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