Some facts about Hysterectomy

Some facts about Hysterectomy

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By UPHI Hospital, April, 27 2019

If you are having persistent pain or complaints related to your reproductive health, your doctor may suggest an operation known as hysterectomy. The procedure removes major organs from a woman’s reproductive system. Though it is surely a drastic practice, it becomes necessary in some cases. Here are some facts related to hysterectomy you should know:

Hysterectomy and its Types

Hysterectomy is a surgical procedure done to remove a woman’s uterus. The uterus acts as the womb and is where a fetus develops. When you go through this procedure, the two main functionalities of the uterus stop to exist i.e.

  • You won’t be able to conceive after the procedure
  • Your monthly menstrual cycle stops

Hysterectomy can be 

Partial Hysterectomy: Only a portion of the uterus is removed leaving the cervix intact.

Total Hysterectomy: The uterus (with cervix) is removed totally.

Hysterectomy and Sapling- Oophorectomy: Your doctor removes the whole uterus along with either one or both the ovaries and the fallopian tubes.

When you need this Procedure?

  • Fibroids: are non-cancerous growth of muscles and fibrous tissues. Symptoms may include heavy bleeding and too much pain
  • Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases 
  • Severe Pre Menstrual Syndrome 
  • Menorrhagia (heavy bleeding)

How it affects your life:

The Frequent Hot Flashes

One of the most discomforting effects of a hysterectomy is hot flashes in which heat increases quickly, the sweat breaks out and within seconds you will start freezing also. 

Facial Hair Growth

Due to the lack of estrogen in the body, facial hair begins to grow. 

Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal dryness is also a very common and discomforting problem after the procedure which is very difficult to deal with.

Weight fluctuations

Weight fluctuations occur after hysterectomy mostly due to hormonal changes. 

Difficulty Urinating

Peeing may become difficult and you won’t be able to pee when you want to and that can be very disturbing.

Low Sex Drive

Hysterectomy may affect your sex drive due to the hormonal changes and their effect on your body. 

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