Some Shocking Facts Regarding Breast Cancer In India

Some Shocking Facts Regarding Breast Cancer In India

Facts Regarding Breast Cancer
By UPHI Hospital, March, 21 2019

Nowadays Breast cancer is the most common cancer found in Indian women. It is also the primary cause of cancer deaths in women all over the world. The survival rates are low in developing countries due to lack of resources to fight the cancer threat. Ignorance and delayed diagnosis accounts to loss of life due to cancer which is treatable when detected in early stages. Here is a list of some of the shocking facts related to breast cancer scenario in India.

High Risk

The risk of breast cancer is increasing in India as 1 in 28 women is prone to have breast cancer in her lifetime.

Urban Effect

Urban areas have more breast cancer cases as compared to rural areas.

Age issue

The high-risk group in Indian women is aged between 43-46 years. About 61% of Indian women diagnosed with breast cancer belong to the age group of 35-50 years.

Regular Screening

Generally, Indian women are not aware of the advantages of having regular health checkup or screening.

Victims of Quacks

Sometimes, women with breast cancer become victims of quacks because of their lack of knowledge about the disease. They follow illogical beliefs and myths and start believing that the quacks can treat cancer without surgery or chemotherapy.

Delayed Diagnosis

Approximately 60% of women are diagnosed with breast cancer at stage III or IV in India. This significantly affects the survival rate and treatment options for the patients.

Increase in new cases

There is a constant increase in new cases of breast cancer diagnosed in India. The resources and clinical advancement to fight the disease are not enough to reach every woman having breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Deaths

Breast cancer causes approximately 20% of all death associated with cancer in Indian women.

A stigma in Indian society

Women having breast cancer hesitate to discuss the disease openly fearing being stigmatized by society. These things obstruct attempts to raise awareness regarding avoidable cancer risks and the consequences of early detection.

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