Things One Must Know About Hernia Surgery

Things One Must Know About Hernia Surgery

Hernia Surgery
By UPHI Hospital, March, 13 2019

Surgery is required for hernia if it is growing larger or causing pain. There are two types of surgeries available:

Open Surgery Hernia

In open surgery, only one long cut is made in the groin. Your surgeon can either move a hernia that has bulged out of the abdominal wall back to its original place, pushing it back, or tying and removing a hernia that might be going down the inguinal canal.

Depending on your doctor’s liking and the portion of the muscle wall that requires repairing, sutures, mesh or a combination of both can be used to close a hernia, whereas sutures, staples or surgical glue can be used to close the surgical wound in the skin.

For small, congenital hernias and people with healthy tissues, a herniorrhaphy is done, which includes stitching the sides of healthy muscle tissue together.  Large and recurring hernias are mostly covered with synthetic mesh patches, generally through a practice known as hernioplasty. The procedure helps reduce the tension in the affected area and the risk of recurrence. The patches are stitched after the hernia is pressed back into place.

Recovery time is approximately three weeks in open surgery, and in this period you can go for light activities. 

Laparoscopic Surgery for Hernia

This surgical practice may be done for patients with large ventral hernias, recurrent hernias, and bilateral inguinal hernias. Laparoscopic surgery includes the use of a laparoscope, a tube with a miniature camera at the end. After small cuts are made near the hernia, your surgeon inserts the laparoscope and blow up your abdomen with gas. The laparoscope will provide images for the surgeon to help him repair the hernia.

Though laparoscopic surgery can be more expensive, the method decreases the possibility of complications. Some other advantages are:

  • No large cuts, only small incisions are made
  • Reduced post-surgical pain
  • Shorter recovery time 
  • Restart your daily activities and go back to work very soon 

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