What are Possible Treatments to Cure Metastasis Cancer?

What are Possible Treatments to Cure Metastasis Cancer?

Metastasis Cancer
By UPHI Hospital, March, 22 2019

The treatment of Metastasis is mainly based on the original site of cancer. Like, if a person is having breast cancer and cancer spreads to the liver, it will be treated with the same drugs used for breast cancer as the cancer cells themselves have not changed, but they are just living in a new place.

In some clinical situations, metastases may be treated in specific ways.


On the basis of the number of tumors and the degree of the disease in the rest of the body, treatment may include surgery in specific areas, gamma knife surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and/or steroids.


When the bone metastases do not cause pain or risk of breaking, they may be observed or treated with drugs. If the bone is fragile or causing pain, radiation can be given to the site of the damage.


The treatment of lung metastasis is based on the level of the metastases as well as primary cancer. Generally, it will be treated in the same manner as primary cancer. In the case, if the metastasis is causing fluid to form around the lung, thoracentesis can be done to take out the fluid and make breathing easier.


There are several ways to treat liver metastases according to the type and extent of primary cancer and the number and size of the liver metastases. In most cases, liver metastases are treated in the same manner as primary cancer.

Various Treatments are available to treat the Cancer as mentioned above, It is up to the Doctor to analyze the severity of the illness and to offer the right Metastasis Cancer Treatment with the helpof to Get the Well Qualified Oncologist in Gurgaon.

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