ACL Repair Surgery

ACL Repair Surgery

Our Knee consist of 5 main parts i.e. Bone, Ligaments, Cartilage, Meniscus & Muscles. Mainly due to injury and late diagnosis of injuries results into tear and damage of the 3 main parts that is Ligaments Cartilage & Meniscus.

Early Diagnosis of knee problems will not just relieve you from pain but also save you from old age knee problems such Osteoarthritis in which the cartilage joints deteriorates, Arthritis and Knee Replacements.

About Anterior Cruciate Ligament and ACL Tear or Damage

There are only 4 Ligaments in a Knee that is
  • Anterior (Front) Cruciate Ligament – ACL
  • Posterior (Back) Cruciate Ligament – PCL
  • Medial (Inside) Collateral Ligament – MCL
  • Lateral (Outside) Collateral Ligament – LCL

Anterior Cruciate Ligament which is commonly called ACL is one of the major Ligament in our Knee. ACL can be damaged partially or completely due to various kind of sports injury. ACL Damage is mainly ACL tear caused during contact sports injury such as Basketball, Football, Soccer, Tennis, Downhill, Volleyball, Gymnastics & Rugby. ACL Injury happens mainly in young generation who is very active their day to day life.

You will hear a “pop” sound if you have met with an ACL Tear injury and your knee will have swelling and you will have severe pain and you will not be able to bear your own weight hence will have instability in walking.

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Common Symptoms for ACL Injury

  • A clear “pop” sound or a “popping” feeling in the knee.
  • Constant pain and instability to do any kind of activity.
  • Knee Swelling will start within in few hours after the injury.
  • Unable to take long ranges while walking.
  • Unable to bear your own weight while in standing position.
  • You will have paid or trouble climbing/stepping down the stairs.

When to see the Doctor ?

Immediately see an Orthopaedic Doctor if any of the above injury signs or symptoms of an All Repair matches with your situation.

Knee is one of the very important part of our body and a very complex structure that consist of Bones, Ligaments, Meniscus, Cartilage & Muscles which gives us a strength to do various day to day activities like walk, climb, run and sit.

Early diagnosis which is a clinical examination by an Orthopaedic Doctor for your injury will diagnose your knee problem at the right stage and will avoid any further damage to your knee .

What kind of Doctor or Surgeon to consult?

You need to consult the Best Orthopaedic Doctor and most of them are also an Orthopaedic Surgeon who actually operates upon Knees and are Knee Specialist. Ideally you should consult a Knee Specialist who has keen interest in operating Ligament problems and commonly operates on Ligament Tear Surgeries.

Clinical Examination

An Orthopaedic Doctor in a Clinical Examination can diagnose the real severity of the ACL Tear or if it is really an ACL tear or any other knee problem. 99% of the time a physical Clinical Examination gives you an answer about the problem you are facing with the knee.

Commonly asked Questions during a Clinical Examination

What is the recovery period for an ACL Surgery?

You can ideally go home the same day of the surgery however you are supposed to rest at least for 7 days post the surgery and follow the Physiotherapy regime offered by the Physiotherapist. So we recommend 7 days leave if you have to be operated for ACL Tear Surgery. However if you have a job which requires for you to be on the feet for the day then you have to ideally take offs for 4-6 weeks in total post the ACL Tear Surgery.

What is the cost of an ACL Repair Surgery?

The Cost for ACL Tear Surgery can start from 80,000 INR which is $2178 for international patients. The Surgery cost includes the entire Hospitalization cost and medicine cost during the hospitalization. Physiotherapy offered during the stay in the hospital is included in the said price.(Note : Excluding any Implants on Both for Indian and Internation Patient)

You may also have Health Insurance or Medical Insurance wherein the Hospital will offer you Cashless facility that means that you don’t have to pay any money upfront during your admission at the Hospital. UPHI a Wellness & Surgical Centre has cashless facility available at the hospital.

How is the ACL Surgery done and is it a major surgery?

ACL tear is treated with Arthroscopy and it is a minimal invasive surgical technics which is done with only 2 small holes to avoid any prominent scars post the surgery.

The Anterior Cruciate Ligament is one of the most supportive ligament of our Knee and the ACL Repair Surgery which is also called ACL Reconstruction Surgery has 95% success rates globally and we are proud to announce that UPHI a Wellness & Surgical Centre has a 100% Success rates for all the ACL tear cases done by our Orthopaedic Surgeon.

Why consult at UPHI a Wellness & Surgical Centre for your ACL Repair Surgery?

  • Doctors at UPHI are Straight forward and Honest Surgeons.
  • Our Doctors are strong believer of Self Healing and will emphasises on Physiotherapy.
  • Our Doctors are known for their Successful cases for ACL Reconstruction Surgeries.
  • Our Doctors have in-depth knowledge about Knee Surgeries from their vast National & International Surgical experience.
  • Their hunger for knowledge from across the world keeps them updated about the latest ACL Repair techniques.
  • Some of our experts have been trained in Germany for Robotic Navigation Knee Replacements..
  • Our experts diagnosis has relieved uncountable people across all ages.
  • Our experts are popularly known for their frank and detailed conversation with patients.
  • Our experts detailed explanation will help you take the right decisions.
  • Our experts will make sure that all your answers are answered in detail to take the right decisions.

How to Prevent ACL Injuries?

  • Make sure you warm up before all your sports activity.
  • Use footwear which has maximum cushion for the relevant sport .
  • Consult a physical therapist or trainer for the sport that you practice regularly.
  • Take regular assessment of your activity techniques from our instructor or sport trainer.
  • Practice leg muscle strengthening particularly hamstring exercises to ensure stable balance during a game
  • Exercise to strengthen the core that is Hips, Pelvis & Lower Abdominal.
  • Train hard for proper techniques and knee positions during your jump and landing.

ACL Repair Surgery Hospital in Gurgaon

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