Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation and augmentation mammoplasty, is also referred as breast aug” or “boob job”, is a plastic surgery to increase the size of the breast, shape and texture of the breast. The surgery is also referred as breast implant which is done by fat transfer from the one part of the body to breast to improve the breast volume. The breast implant surgery usually done by placement of silicone or the saline breast implantation.

Women may choose to go for the breast implant or Breast augmentation for different reasons but large breast size is mostly one of them. Through Breast augmentation procedure, women can have a noticeable asymmetric breast. Other reasons could be:

  • Fullness and the projection of the breast after the pregnancy and the breast feeding.
  • Improve breast and hip curves.
  • Feel more confident.
  • Enhancing self-image

When do you need a Breast Augmentation or Enhancement?

  • If you desire to have a better looking Breast.
  • You are not happy the way your Breast looks and feels.
  • Breast Enhancement desire varies for every women.
  • Common reasons like Increase Breast size or Reshape the Breast.
  • You may want to improve the Breast Sagging and Droopiness.
  • It is difficult for you manage your Breast.
  • You had a Mastectomy and now you want to regain your Breast.

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What & How of Breast Enhancement or Augmentation?

  • A well trained Plastic Surgeon will help you achieve your desired results.
  • It is important to identify the Best & Safest Breast implant Type for you.
  • An experienced Plastic Surgeon can give you natural looking outcomes.
  • There are various techniques which will result in scars at different part of Breast.
  • It is important to examined your Breast and Health for better results.
  • It is performed under general anesthesia to make it pain-free.
  • It is mostly a Daycare Surgery so you can go back home the same or next day.
  • Having a detailed conversation is very necessary with a Plastic Surgeon.

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