What is Cystoscopy?

Cystoscopy is an office procedure in which a small lighted telescope is inserted through the urethra to visualize the inside of the urethra and bladder. This diagnostic test allows your doctor to determine the problems within the urinary tract visually.

Your doctor may ask you to undergo a cystoscopy if you have

  • Blood in the urine to determine if there is an internal problem in the bladder or urethra
  • Symptoms of sudden severe urge to urinate since a long time that has not responded to other treatments
  • Repeated infections of the urinary tract
  • Painful bladder

Removing tissue for biopsy or foreign objects can also be achieved through cystoscopy. Urinary tract conditions such as tumors or bladder stones can also be diagnosed using the test.

The test is performed as an outpatient procedure. Your doctor will use a thin lighted telescope called acystoscope to fill your bladder with water and view the inside of your urethra and bladder. This test is safe and effective and is performed in the clinic. The test is tolerated quite well with the use of a topical anesthetic and no sedating medication is necessary. The test can be done in less than ten minutes, but your appointment may last longer if any additional tests are performed during the same visit.

UPHI offers gentle, compassionate care with understanding. Our doctors, patient nurses and assistants can put you at ease and address any anxieties about undergoing cystoscopic testing.

At UPHI, you always come first.

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