Advanced Diagnostics

Advanced Diagnostics

Bladder and bowel function is deceptively simple. Underlying our daily ablution routine are complex physiologic pathways that need to work in a coordinated fashion to achieve effortless voiding.

Even a small disturbance in any of the various interconnected pathways can lead to chronic and recurrent problems that may interfere with your day to day life.

Treatment undertaken without proper diagnosis can potentially harm your quality of life and lead to added problems.

At UPHI, we couple our international training and experience with state-of-the-art technology to provide the most advanced diagnostics for better understanding of your problem. By utilizing key tests, we work with you to determine the best course of treatment.

You can read about the various diagnostic tests you may be asked to undergo in this section.

Only at UPHI

At UPHI, we believe in bringing in the best that is offered internationally and hence our diagnostics affirm to the best global standards in the field.

The features unique to UPHI that make it internationally recognized diagnostic centre are:

World class diagnostics and equipment:

UPHI is introducing the following new techniques, diagnostics and equipment to the country:

2D dynamic and 3D ultrasound of the pelvic floor: We are the only centre in the country to offer comprehensive two dimensional and three dimensional ultrasound assessment of the pelvic floor. UPHI is the first centre in the country and one of the very few centres in the world to boast of the latest in ultrasound diagnostics of the pelvic floor.

Advanced urodynamics: We are one of the very few centres in the country to use air-charged catheters for performing complex urodynamics. Air-charged catheters do not require repeated calibration and have less pressure related artifacts as compared to water-charged catheters used at most other centres.

We are the one of the very few centres in the country to offer anorectal manometry and defecograms for comprehensive evaluation of your pelvic floor dysfunction.

Integrated diagnostics:

At UPHI, we look at the pelvic floor as a continuum. Pelvic floor disorders seldom occur in isolation. It may involve one or more pelvic organs (vaginal support, bladder and/bowel) and one or more systems, for example, the muscles of the pelvic floor and the nervous system.

Problems that seem limited to one compartment may have roots in the other compartments of the pelvic floor, which if not diagnosed may lead to incomplete treatment.

UPHI boasts of all the advanced diagnostic techniques required to assess these components (urological, gynecological and colorectal) in an integrated manner, under one roof, to determine the root cause of the disorder.

Thus for complex problems involving more than one pelvic floor compartment, your doctors will work in tandem to arrive at the best treatment plan for you.

Individualized diagnostics:

Your specific female pelvic floor disorder is often unique to you. We offer individualized diagnostics that are tailor made to diagnose your unique symptom complex in a comprehensive manner to arrive at the best treatment plan for you.

Advanced Diagnostic Centre in Gurgaon

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