Breast Reconstruction with Body Fat

What is Breast Reconstruction with Body Fat?

Breast Reconstruction with Body Fat also called as tissue flap procedure or autologous tissue breast reconstruction is the surgical procedure to rebuild the shape and size of the breast after mastectomy surgery or breast removal surgery for cancer treatment. The surgery is performed to rebuild the breast which is being removed through mastectomy surgery to treat cancer and the process uses the fat and muscle tissues from another part of the body to rebuild the breast. This includes inner thighs, back, abdomen, buttocks and other regions. Breast Reconstruction with Body Fat is the procedure which offers a more natural look and appeals and also behaves like natural breast tissues which shrink or enlarge when you lose weight or gain weight respectively. Since breast implants demand additional surgery for removal or replacement of the implants, this is not the issue with Breast Reconstruction with Body Fat.

Who Can Opt for Breast Reconstruction with Body Fat?

Breast Reconstruction with Body Fat is the ideal surgical procedure for candidates who:

  • Have large breasts
  • Need to under radiotherapy
  • Had radical mastectomy with removal of the chest muscles
  • Had tight mastectomy scars
  • Want softer and realistic results than the silicone implants

What are Different Types of Breast Reconstruction with Body Fat?

  • TRAM Flap – This is the surgical procedure for breast reconstruction where tissues and muscles are sourced from the abdomen region. In some cases, implants are used with this type of flap tissue to fulfill the need of additional tissues. But some women already have sufficient tissues in the area to shape their breast and hence in that case no implants are used. Apart from fat, skin, blood vessels, one abdominal muscle is placed in the cheat. The procedure tightens the lower belly region, resulting in tummy tuck and also reduces the strengths of the abdomen muscles. The surgery is not suitable for women who are extremely thin and have fewer abdomen tissues for rebuilding the breast.
  • DIEP Flap – Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforator Flap is the procedure that uses the skin and fat cells from the abdomen region but uses no muscles to rebuild the breast. It uses free flap process which means that the tissues are completely cut free from the abdomen and then moved to the chest. The tissues and blood vessels are reconnected to the blood vessels in the chest using microsurgery. The risk of hernia and bulge is less because no muscles are extracted from the belly.
  • Latissimus Dorsi Flap – This surgical procedure uses breast implants and to rebuild the breast surgeons take skin, muscles, blood vessels and fat from the upper back and move them to the front of the chest under the skin. This actually offers additional coverage for the implants and makes the breast look natural. In some cases, no implants are used.
  • TUG Flap – This is relatively a new option in Breast Reconstruction with Body Fat where muscles and fat are sourced from the inner thighs to reconstruct the new breast. It acts as the best alternative to DIEP and TRAM. The surgery involves taking blood vessels, muscles, skin and fat from the inner thighs and placing them to the chest to reshape the breast and then tiny blood vessels are connected to new blood vessels in chest using microsurgery.
  • Fat Grafting – This is another new procedure where fat from one part of the body is taken and used for rebuilding the breast to fix the issue of breast abnormalities which are common after the first breast reconstruction surgery. The fat is extracted from the liposuction procedure and the fat is dissolved so that it can be injected to the areas wherever required.
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  • The cost of breast Reconstruction Surgery with using Body Fat is comparatively less

Breast Reconstruction with Body Fat Surgery In Gurgaon

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