Breast Reconstruction with Implants

Breast Reconstruction with Implants

Breast Reconstruction is the surgery which is performed along with mastectomy or after mastectomy and it aims to restore the natural shape of the breast after the surgical procedure of removing the entire breast for cancer prevention. There are different types of Breast Reconstruction surgeries and the popular is the Breast Reconstruction with Implants. This is the procedure where implants made out of silicone gel or salt water is used to reshape the breast. The Breast Reconstruction with Implant is the complicated procedure and performed by plastic surgeons along with mastectomy or after mastectomy. The procedure usually requires 2-3 operations or visits for the best cosmetic results. You are required to visit the hospital for several months before surgery to expand and stretch the skin on the chest and preparing it for the breast implants. With Breast Reconstruction with Implants, you won’t achieve the exact look and feel of a natural breast, but it would construct the new breasts that restore the silhouette just like the breast you had before mastectomy.

Types of Implants Used in Breast Reconstruction with Implants

  • Saline – This is the common type of implant which is designed with filled sterile salt water. It has been in use for several years.
  • Silicone Gel – This is another popular type of breast implant which looks and feel more likes a natural breast. The cohesive gel is a new and thicker type of silicone implant that is used in Breast Reconstruction. The thickest is the gummy bear which is also referred to as the form stable implants which means that it would retain the shape even when the shell is broken or cut. These are firmer implants than the regular ones and are less likely to rapture.

How Breast Reconstruction with Implants Performed?

  • Immediate Breast Reconstruction with Implants – This is the surgical procedure which is performed along with mastectomy surgery. The procedure involves placing the implants in the chest at the same time the mastectomy is done. After removing the breast tissues, the plastic surgeons would place the breast implant under the muscles of the chest. The surgical graft is used which is made out of the skin or absorbable mesh and it holds the implant in a place like a sling or a hammock. The benefit of immediate Breast Reconstruction with Implants is that the skin of your chest preserves and it would deliver the much better look and cosmetic results.
  • Delayed Breast Reconstruction with Implants – This is the procedure which is actually performed a few months after the mastectomy surgery. In order to perform the surgery, the surgeons would place short term tissue expander in the chest and this would help prepare for the Breast Reconstruction with Implants later. The expander is basically a balloon-like a sac that inflates gradually and expands to the desired size and this makes the skin to stretch and prepare the location for each placing of implants later. After it expands and the stretched the breast, a second surgery would be performed to remove the expander and place the implant permanently.
What are the Health Risks of Breast Reconstruction with Implants?

Alike all other surgeries, Breast Reconstruction with Implants do comprise of certain health complications and this includes:

  • Implant rupture or deflation
  • Breast pain
  • Breasts may not match each other in appearance or size
  • Change of breast sensation
  • Increased risk of future breast surgery to replace or remove implants
  • Poor healing in place of incision
  • Chances of infection
  • Scar tissues which may form and compresses the implants
  • Bleeding and risk of anesthesia
  • Chances of immune system cancer which is called anaplastic large cell lymphoma and it may develop due to textured breast implants
After Care for Breast Reconstruction with Implants

After the surgery is performed successfully, you are required to perform a certain exercise at home to make your shoulder and arm moving smoothly. Physiotherapist and nurses would suggest you with some exercises to increase the movement of your arms and shoulders post surgery.

It is necessary that you wear a comfortable and protective bra while performing the exercises at home. Even during the day when performing other activities, it is necessary that you wear the perfectly fitted and comfortable bra which would support and mold the Breast Reconstruction. This will information will be shared with you by your surgeon.

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