Breast Reconstruction

What is Breast Reconstruction?

Breast Reconstruction is the surgical procedure to restore the balance between the two breasts by replacing the breast tissues, skin and the removed nipple. It creates a new breast shape with the surgical procedure and it is often recommended with or after whole breast removal surgery mastectomy or part of breast removal surgery breast-conserving surgery. The surgery can be done either with mastectomy surgery or after it depending upon the condition. There are many different options available in the surgical procedure which will be explained to you by your surgeon. The new breast shape is usually created by using implants or the body’s tissues. Breast Reconstruction surgery can create a nipple but can be created artificially with surgery or with a tattoo. Prosthetic stick-on nipples are sometimes used after the surgery.

Breast Reconstruction focuses on creating breast shape which resembles the natural one and it is created to maintain the symmetry between the breasts. Since both the breasts are reconstructed by surgeons, the focus of the surgery is to recreate the natural shape, size and maintain a perfect balance between both breasts.

Who are the Ideal Candidates for Breast Reconstruction?

Women who have undergone the mastectomy surgery or breast-conserving surgery can opt for Breast Reconstruction either along with the surgery or later as per their needs. Patients who want to accompany mastectomy surgery with Breast Reconstruction must discuss the option with their surgeon prior to the surgery. For most of the people delayed Breast Reconstruction surgery is always the viable option. Surgeons must always explain and discuss the available options with the patients prior to the surgical procedure.

Not all women are the ideal candidate for Breast Reconstruction as they may have other medical conditions which can increase the risk of side effects after the surgery. So, for them, it is always better to opt for the external breast forms or pads which give them the natural appearance of a breast.

Patients who are required to undergo radiotherapy must delay their Breast Reconstruction timing and options. The radiotherapy usually increases the risk of side effects because the therapy affects the hard scar tissues around implants. It is also noticed that capsular contracture procedure affects the Breast Reconstruction because it reduces the size and also make changes in the shape of the breasts after implant. So, if undergoing radiotherapy is a must for you, then it is suggested that you must delay your Breast Reconstruction for at least 1 year.

If you have any question regarding the Breast Reconstruction, then you may ask your surgeon and also ask for the second option is available any in your situation. Breast Reconstruction is not recommended for men but patients who have undergone mastectomy because of breasts cancer may opt for it as it helps in improvising the evenness and appearance of the chest post surgery.

It is completely up to you to decide whether or not Breast Reconstruction is the best surgery for you. Some women prefer Breast Reconstruction as it enhances their breast shape and appearance and boosts confidence, while others prefer wearing external breast forms and pads and avoid Breast Reconstruction.

What are The Limitations of a Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Women who have undergone Breast Reconstruction surgery are satisfied with the outcome. But there are also patients who are not satisfied and have received negative results with the surgery.

  • The reconstructed breast won’t give a natural feel like before and sometimes it is less sensitive as well as less firm than the natural ones.
  • Increasing or decreasing body weight won’t affect the shape and size of the reconstructed breasts like you experience with the natural ones
  • In order to achieve the best cosmetic results, several visits to the hospital are necessary and this is quite a time consuming
  • The recovery period of Breast Reconstruction is longer than other cosmetic surgeries
  • Patients also complain to have scars on other parts of the body based on the type of Breast Reconstruction opted for
  • As compared to mastectomy, the Breast Reconstruction has a higher risk of health complications and hence this may make unnecessary delays in the treatment.
  • Patients who are required to undergo radiotherapy post Breast Reconstruction are likely to affect the shape and size of the reconstructed breast
  • Nipples are missing in the reconstructed breast and this impact the appearance negatively
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Breast Reconstruction Surgery In Gurgaon

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