Foot Pain

Foot Pain

What is Foot Pain?

Often when we have been standing for a long time in a queue, or have our feet and legs coiled up in certain positions for quite a time or accidentally slip and fall, we tend to experience pain in our feet. This occurs because the weight of the whole body is weighed upon your feet resulting in feet pain.

Feet or Foot Pain implies any pain or discomfort in parts of your feet. The parts of feet that are prone to pain include toes, heels, arches, and soles. The nerves of the feet suffer inflammation or injury resulting in numbness, excruciating pain or prickling.

What are the causes of foot pain?

Let us look and understand what factors account for the foot pain:

  • Choice of footwear and lifestyle: One of the primary causes of foot pain is not choosing the right footwear for you. Many of these tend to be uncomfortable and create inflammation and pain. High heels tend to put the complete bodyweight on the toes, and tight-fit shoes tend to restrict the proper blood circulation inside the veins of the feet causing pain.
  • Medical problems: It includes a horde of problems such as arthritis which puts the feet in a vulnerable position, affecting thirty –three joints. Another common cause is diabetes that leads to a sore foot, damaging nerves and clogged feet arteries. Some more medical ailments that attribute to increasing foot pain are being overweight, obesity, pregnancy, sprain, tendinitis, and fracture.

What are the Types of Foot Pain?

Feet or Foot Pain results from causes such as broken toe, flatfeet, calluses and corns, bunions, gout, tumors, stress factors and so on, to name a few. These are the very factors that suffice for the type of foot pain caused in different parts of the feet.

  • Pain in toe: This generally impacts the big toe causing the crystals inside of the feet to gather at a place and lead to inflammation and pain. It is commonly known by the name gout, a type of arthritis. Ill-fitting shoes can cause a multitude of problems ranging from bunions which is a condition in which there is a little bulge at the foot's edge near the base of the big toe to hammertoe that causes the second, third and fourth toe to bend in a hammerlike style.
  • Pain in Heels: There is a strip of tissue that connects the bone of the heel to the toes. Any inflammation in it will cause you extreme pain that is vigorously experienced mostly in mornings when you wake up. People who have high arches or flat feet tend to get heel spurs, in which the heel bone outgrows itself. The wrong choice of footwear, running, and unusual posture is contributing factors.
  • Pain in Arch: A common cause of pain resulting in feet arch flattening out while walking creating problems.
  • Pain in Ball of Foot: Known as the stone bruise, it is generally caused by improper footwear causing pain in the ball of the foot. The tissues around the nerves of the foot become thick leading to unusual tingling, pain, and numbness.
  • Pain in the outer edge of the foot: Caused commonly due to breakage in case of an accident or injury, the metatarsal bone which lies in the foot’s outer edge, breaks and causes pain and discomfort.
How to diagnose your foot pain

People who commonly encounter Feet or Foot Pain can quickly identify that it is high time they should consult a doctor. A sudden severe pain that prohibits you from putting any load on your feet calls for an urgent appointment with the doctor. Similarly, restriction of blood flow, open wounds leading to pain, redness, and fever due to pain are reasons that make a doctor's intervention necessary.

A doctor examines your foot by registering the way of walk and posture. The time of onset of the pain and its severity are other factors that will be followed by an X-Ray.

What are the treatments prescribed?

Common treatments include wart removal, cast surgery or physical therapy based on the severity of pain. The more rudimentary procedures include:

  • Pain Relievers
  • Resting, elevating and icing the feet
  • Avoid walking
  • Wearing good quality shoes

Feet or Foot Pain although a common ailment, can be easily avoided and cured provided you take certain initial precautions or a rigorous treatment regime afterward.

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