What is Laminectomy?

Neck or the back pain which hamper your daily normal activities may demand surgery to alleviate the pain. A surgical procedure called Laminectomy is performed by surgeons and the process involves removal of a part of the entire vertebral bone called Lamina. This helps in lessening the unnecessary pressure on nerve roots or spinal cord which is caused either due to herniated disk, injury, tumors or narrowing of the canal. The surgical procedure is performed only when traditional methods of treatments have not responded. The surgical procedure may also be performed when the symptoms of the condition are getting worsen worsening dramatically or severe.

What is the Need of Laminectomy?

The neck pain or lower back pain can range from dull to mild and irritating to persistent, disabling and severe. This pain in your spinal canal limits your mobility and hampers your daily activities. The unnecessary pressure by the bony overgrowths can also cause weakness and numbness which gradually radiates to legs and arms. So, Laminectomy is performed to reduce the pressure on the spinal nerves, remove tumors from the spine and treat the disk problems. Surgeons often suggest patients undergo Laminectomy surrey when they are having a herniated disk in the spine.

Laminectomy is the procedure which would only restore the spinal canal space and alleviate the pressure of bony overgrowths, but it won’t treat arthritis. The surgical procedure also relieves the radiating symptoms from your squashed nerves. Surgeons often prescribed Laminectomy to patients if:

  • You are having numbness, weakness, and soreness that are making walking and standing complicated for you
  • Lacking in bladder controls or loss of bowel
  • The traditional treatment procedures like physical therapy and medications have failed to alleviate the symptoms and reduce pain

What Does Laminectomy Surgery Involve?

Laminectomy is performed under general anesthesia or spinal anesthesia where you stay awake during the procedure. Many new techniques have been introduced where the surgery can be performed under local anesthesia as an outpatient. This will be discussed with you by your doctor. The process of Laminectomy involves:

  • Making an incision in back over the vertebrae which are affected and separating the muscles in your spine as much as required. Now the doctor will use a surgical tool to remove the lamina. Surgeons would make the incision as per the condition and body size.
  • If the surgery is done as a part of treatment for a herniated disk, then the surgeon will also remove a part of a herniated disk or the prices which have broken loose
  • If the surgeon notices that one of the vertebrae has been slipped over other or you have curvature of the spine, then they may also perform a spinal fusion to normalize the spine. In the procedure, the surgeon would link the two or more of vertebrae permanently using the bone grafting process and if required they may also insert metal rods and screws.
  • Based on your condition and needs, the surgeons may make small incisions and the specialized microscope is used to perform the surgery precisely.
What are the Before and After Laminectomy Surgery Care Options?

Before the surgical procedure, you are required to avoid drinking and eating for a specific time before the process. Your healthcare provider will also let you know about the drugs which you need and need not take prior to the surgical procedure. Before the surgery, you need to meet physical therapists so as to discuss the rehabilitation. You are also required to avoid certain activities before and after surgery which will be discussed with you by your doctor. Based on your health, medical history and age doctors may also suggest additional instructions.

After the surgery when you are discharged from the hospital, ensure to keep the surgical incision area clean and dry. Special bathing instructions will be shared which you need to follow accordingly and the stitches will be removed in your further follow-up visits. Pain relievers would be prescribed which you need to take along with other medications for bleeding. Avoid putting pressure on the area of incision and restrict activities that put strains. A physical therapist will work with you to improvise your flexibility and strength.

What is the Recovery options after Laminectomy surgery?

Patients that have undergone Laminectomy have reported that measurable improvement has been noticed in the symptoms. The recovery is faster in Laminectomy as you can resume to your regular activities within a few weeks of the surgery. Your physical therapist will ask you to perform some exercises to improvise your flexibility and strength. However, the recovery would prolong when spinal fusion is performed.

What are the risks involved in Laminectomy Surgery?

Laminectomy is considered to be the safest procedure to alleviate the pressure. However, some complications may occur including:

  • Nerve injury
  • Blood clotting
  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Spinal fluid leak
  • Nerve root injury

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