What is Laminotomy?

Laminotomy is the surgical procedure which is performed to remove the bony overgrowths from the spinal called lamina. The surgical incision is made in the spine to remove the bony area. Lamina is basically the rear portion of the vertebra and it creates the rear wall of the spinal canal. Your spinal cord sprints through this canal in the center of the vertebrae and due to bony overgrowths the spinal cord gets compressed and causes severe pain in the back which radiates to arms and legs. With Laminotomy procedure the pressure can be reduced in the spinal canal and spinal nerves to alleviate the pain.

What are the Types of Laminotomy?

The surgical procedure where the only vertebra is removed it is referred to as single-level Laminotomy and where more than single vertebra is involved, it is referred to as multilevel Laminotomy. There are in fact different types of Laminotomy performed and this includes:

  • Lumbar Laminotomy – The process involves removal of the lamina in the lumbar spine or lower back
  • Cervical Laminotomy – The process involves removal of the cervical spine of the neck area
  • Thoracic Laminotomy – It removes the part of the lamina in center of the back called the thoracic spine
  • Sacral Laminotomy – When the lamina in the back between pelvic is removed it is referred to as Sacral Laminotomy.

What is the need of Laminotomy?

Certain diseases and ailments in the spine can be treated with Laminotomy. This surgical procedure is prescribed only when traditional treatments have failed to respond or show results. Whenever the patient is suffering from the compressed spinal cord with symptoms like myelopathy, doctors may prescribe them to undergo Laminotomy. Myelopathy is the dysfunctioning of the spinal cord because of compression. Laminotomy is also prescribed when the patient experience persistent leg pain or spinal pain caused due to:

  • Herniated spinal disk
  • Bone spurs or bony overgrowths on the vertebra
  • Spinal Stenosis or the narrowing of the spinal column causing compression and pressure on spinal nerve or cord
  • Sciatica or the pain that sprints and radiates to buttock or leg due to compression
How to prepare for Laminotomy?

There are some preparations which you need to do prior to surgery in order to improvise the outcome and comfort.

  • You are required to provide complete details of your medical history to doctor and also let them know if you are taking any medications, herbal treatment, and vitamins
  • Get all the pre-operative testing and diagnosing done as prescribed by your doctor
  • Lose the excessive body weight before surgery to reduce complications
  • Don’t drink or eat before surgery as said by your doctor

What is the procedure of Laminotomy?

Laminotomy is performed under general anesthesia. There are different approaches which your surgeon will follow in order to perform Laminotomy successfully.

  • Micro- Laminotomy – This is the minimally invasive surgical procedure which involves inserting the surgical instrument and arthroscope in the incision at neck or back. The arthroscope is the lighted camera that sends images of the internal body to the video screen and with the help of the images the surgeon performs the surgery. The recovery of this surgical procedure is faster as it causes less damage to organs and tissues
  • Open Surgery is the procedure where large incisions are made in back over your vertebra which is affected. The size of the incision depends on how many vertebrae need to be cured. Incisions are large and surgeons can easily see through the incision and removal of the bony growths also become easier. However, the recovery is longer
What are the Risks and Complications of Laminotomy?

Alike all other surgeries, Laminotomy do have some complications and this includes:

  • Anaesthesia reaction
  • Bleeding and blood clotting in deep vein thrombosis
  • Infection of blood vessel-damaging
  • Recurrent symptoms including leg and back pain
  • Spinal nerve injuries causing numbness, pain, and weakness
What is the Recovery Time of Laminotomy?

Post-surgery, the patient would be transferred to the recovery room for observation. You will be monitored regularly until you breathe effectively and the crucial symptoms are stabilized. Laminotomy is performed as an outpatient procedure and hence the patients are asked to leave for home the same day. If the surgery is performed along with spinal fusion, the patient may be asked to stay back for 4-5 days in the hospital for observation. Recovery is gradual in Laminotomy and it depends on the general health, type of anesthesia prescribed, age and other factors. Full recovery may take several weeks.

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