What is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a type of deformity where the spine has a curved shape, and it is bent towards a curve like a shape. When you see someone's back, then you will see that the spine runs straight through them. The same thing does not happen when you have Scoliosis. Their backbone and the spinal cord tends to curve to the side making them lose their balance altogether. The angle depends and sometimes it may be really small or large or even somewhere in the between. Any curve which takes place at the spine and happens more than 10 degrees is called Scoliosis.

What are the Causes of Scoliosis?

There is no exact reason to why Scoliosis might happen to someone. 90% of the cases, the doctors have found no direct or indirect cause which has led to the development of Scoliosis. When Scoliosis happens without reason, it is known as idiopathic. In the non-structural form of Scoliosis, the spine have a curved look. There are intends to that due to muscle spasms, and others. And in a structured way of Scoliosis, the spinal cord can be reversed for cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, infections and others. Congenital Scoliosis happens before the baby is given birth and it takes place in their tiny bones which are present inside the vertebrae.

What are the Symptoms of Scoliosis

There are tons of Scoliosis associated with Scoliosis. Most of them happen during the adolescence. It can also affect children who are ranging from the age of 10. Here are some of the most notable symptoms which can take place due to Scoliosis.

  • The head is slightly off the center.
  • The ribcage which is present inside the body is not symmetrical. The ribs have a different height and length along with them.
  • One side of the hip is more prominent than the other part.
  • Clothes which are sticking to the body do not hang properly.
  • The individual tends leaning to the side.
  • Back pain which can be damaging and painful.
How to Diagnose Scoliosis?

A plain X-ray is done to reveal the happenings which are caused due to Scoliosis. The doctor will take care of the specific problem and make sure that you have answered all the list of details accordingly. During the physical exam which is conducted by the doctor, your child is asked to stand and then bend forward so that they can see the prominence of the rib cage and whether their arms are hanging from one side of the body or not. The plain X-rays are essential to take care of the diagnosis of Scoliosis and the severe situation which might be caused to the spinal cord. There are underlying causes which might cause the same as well.

What are the Surgical & Nonsurgical Treatments of Scoliosis?

Most of the children who are suffering from Scoliosis have a go through a long process of treatment. It depends upon the medication indicated by the doctor and their indication towards it. Children who have mild Scoliosis don't have to undergo a lengthy process since drugs can do the needful. There are different guidelines for mild, moderate and severe cases of Scoliosis which might happen to people. Here are the factors which are to be considered for the same.

  • Girls have a better rate and tendency to develop Scoliosis than boys.
  • Larger curves which take place at the spinal cord can be damaging.
  • Double curves are worse than the standard c shaped curves. These do much more damage.
  • Location of the curve is also mattered during the treatment of Scoliosis.

Braces are recommended to children to make sure that they are standing linear. It does not treat Scoliosis, but it helps to bring down the symptoms to a much better level.

What are Risks & Complications to Scoliosis?

Here is the list of hazards which can happen due to Scoliosis.

  • There might be an infection to the nerve. This is caused because of the irregular shape of the spine and its unstructured form on your children's way.
  • There can be bowel movement difficulty and nerve damage with bladder problems and the potential risks of developing spinal injury from time to time.
  • Scoliosis can be an indication of the loss of spinal balance and the difficult to stand upright.
  • It can also cause failure in healing and vertebral disintegration to the levels adjacent to the fused section.
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