Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain

What is Shoulder Pain?

The shoulder is the crucial part of your body comprising a ball and socket joint and facilitating a wide variety of movements. Since the shoulder is composed of a variety of crucial structures like bone, cartilage, and tendons, it can easily be affected by multiple conditions. You may experience severe Shoulder Pain. Shoulder pain usually arises from the joints of the shoulder or from other surrounding ligaments, muscles or tendons. The pain arising from joints usually worsen with daily movements and activities. Different conditions and disorders hampering the structures in the chest and abdomen like gallbladder disease or heart disease can also cause severe Shoulder Pain. The pain that arises from other structure is called pain and it won’t worsen with the movement of the shoulder joints. The treatment depends upon the type of should condition or injury you are having.

What Are the Common Shoulder Problems?

  • Rotator Cuff Tear – Rotator Cuff Tear is the common shoulder problem which affects the people above 40 years. Tendons and muscles surrounding the upper part of arm bone hold up the rotator cuff in shoulder joints and due to repetitive motion, you may experience painful tear of the rotator cuff.
  • Shoulder Dislocation – Shoulder joints are the nimble joints of your body and it handles a variety of movements and directions with ease. But this agility is also easier for dislocation. Complete dislocation is common when the shoulder is out from the socket completely.
  • Impingement – Another common shoulder problem in adults is impingement. The rotator cuff is the tendon which is connected to four muscles in the shoulder and it works in combination to rotate and lift a shoulder. The front blade of the shoulder is referred acromion and when the shoulder is lifted and acromion hinders the way of rotator cuff it causes impingement with severe pain.
  • Arthritis – There are two joints in the human shoulders and both are affected by arthritis. First is the AC joint which is created where collarbone is linked to the tip of the shoulder bone. Second is the glenohumeral joint which is situated in upper arm bone and it meets the shoulder blade.
  • Broken Collar Bone – Collarbone usually break due to the force of a fall and it is common amongst the athletes.

What Are the Causes of Shoulder Pain?

There are several conditions and factors which cause Shoulder Pain in people, of which the common cause is the rotator cuff tendinitis, the condition characterized by the swollen tendons in the shoulder. Impingement syndrome is the other common reason why patients experience pain. In impingement syndrome, the rotator cuff stuck between the acromion and humeral head. In some cases, the pain in shoulder results from injury in other parts of the body mainly in biceps and neck and such pains are likely to get worse with regular movements of shoulder.

Some of the other causes include:

  • Torn cartilage & rotator cuff
  • Arthritis
  • Bone spurs
  • Swollen bursa sacs and tendons
  • Broken shoulder and arm bone
  • A pinched nerve in the shoulder and neck
  • Dislocation shoulder or frozen shoulder
How to Diagnose Shoulder Pain?

Every shoulder issue has its own set of symptoms and this can help the doctors to make the diagnosis. Most of the conditions are painful and moving of shoulder become challenging, making your shoulder stiff. Doctors would check the movements of the shoulder and decide the treatment accordingly. Doctors may also conduct further tests to determine the better treatment plan for your Shoulder Pain. Blood tests are not usually common for most of the shoulder issues, but sometimes doctors may ask you to undergo a blood test to rule out the underlying cause of the pain.

X-Rays, MRI and Ultrasound are some of the common tests which are performed into to check the severity of the shoulder problem. It gives the doctor a clear picture of major and minor shoulder issues.

What are the Surgical & Non-Surgical Treatment for Shoulder Pain?

The treatment depends on the severity and cause of Shoulder Pain. Some of the common options for treating pain include sling or shoulder immobilizer, occupational therapy, and surgery. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications are prescribed along with few sessions of physiotherapy.

Surgery is the final treatment option for Shoulder Pain. But the majority of patients respond well to the simple treatment procedures and home remedies. Shoulder problems like rotator cuff tear and shoulder dislocation would require surgery as it won’t get fixed with traditional treatment options.

How can UPHI Surgical Centre help you?
  • UPHI Follows all the diagnostic measurements to check for the actual cause of shoulder pain.
  • Medical Representatives will regularly follow up with the patients to book their appointment, report results, and other admission procedures.
  • Dedicated medical staff will be appointed to care for the patients.
  • Only experienced and well-qualified surgeons will perform Rotator Cuff Tear repair surgery.
  • 2-3 days of hospital stay is required for better recovery.
  • No waiting time for billing and TPA, Book an appointment Now with our specialist surgeon and book your day of Treatment at the earliest.
  • Cost of the Rotator Cuff Tear surgery is Comparatively less and the treatment is effective.

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