Spine Fusion

What is Spinal Fusion?

The medical science has answers to most of the questions that were persistent in the 20th century. From mental health to physical, the field has come a long way. However, in order for a layman to understand the field, it needs to be simplified. Spine Fusion is one of those techniques that is used extensively and is complicated to perform. It aims to prevent any motion between vertebrae within your spine. It will help the patient in joining their broken bones together. The artificial bone structure used is inserted within your concerned area. Additionally, to provide it more support during the healing process, rods, metal plates or screws could be used as they can successfully hold the two broken spinal vertebrae together.

What is the need for Spine Fusion?

Spine Fusion might sound like an immediate solution to the problems of broken bones in your spine, but it can only be used after a prescription by your doctor. It can even be used to improve a deformity or enhance the stability of your bones. People suffering from scoliosis, which is a condition where the spine is tilted, are generally advised to undergo this treatment. However, owing to the modern life where people tend to sit in unusual postures, there might be instability in your vertebrae and your doctor can recommend the treatment. Even the patients suffering from arthritis in their spine can be made better via Spine Fusion. If you have a Herniated disk that is damaged, the technique can be used to bring back the stability after the disk has been removed.

How to Prepare for Spine Fusion Surgery?

- Go for the recent X-Rays and Blood tests
- Answers all the queries of your health care team.
- Check for your time of arrival For your surgery and visit along with some family member
- Take the prescribed medicine and stop taking the medicines which are prohibited.
- Eat or drink what is prescribed
- keep your accessories ready such as Toilet seats, shower chairs, slip on shoes, etc.

What is the Process of the Spine Fusion surgery

Once you have identified the potential risks of Spine Fusion, you will need to go to a radiologist first. They will scan the part that will undergo the treatment which will help your surgeon how to go about the process to avoid any of the aforementioned risks. Before you are laid onto the bed, any form of hair around the concerned part is removed and the skin is cleaned with special soaps. You will be given general anesthesia.

During the procedure, you are unconscious, and the surgeon continues to perform the surgery. They will first incise to get access to the front of your spinal area. The bone that needs to be inserted between the vertebrae could be artificially generated or taken from your pelvic region which is the second step. They then place the bone and tighten it through the required material and add support to it as well. However, it will take time before your bones tighten strongly and you will have to undergo physical exercises in order to complete the procedure successfully.

What are the Risks attached to Spine Fusion Surgery?

Before you go to the hospital for the process, you need to understand that it has risks too. Science does not believe in absolutes and despite the procedure being safe, they always stay practical and subsequently, identify the risks involved with it. If the equipment used during the process were not clean enough, there is a chance of an infection. The infection could also affect your area if it was not covered well.

Additionally, you must get back to the doctor if your area is not showing signs of healing. There might be excessive bleeding if the area was not stitched in a safe way and there is a chance of clotting of blood too. The nerves around your spine are fragile and if the surgeon is not trained enough, they could end up damaging that part. These issues, however, do not arise but are merely identified for both the patients and doctors to be careful.

What is the Recovery Options after Spine Fusion Surgery?

It will take time for you to get back to your normal life post Spinal Fusion. You will experience pain post the surgery, but they can be suppressed by medicines. You must, however, stay in touch with your surgeon to give away any unusual behaviors such as swelling, or fever post the surgery. Any side-effects will be discussed with you before you are permitted to leave the bed. The required time for you to stay on the premises is at least a couple of days.

Thus, this is how the process will end post recovery. Spinal Fusion has been delivering successful outcomes for many years now and is known to have a higher success rate than non-surgical procedures. However, like most medicinal fields, Spinal Fusion requires a great sense of understanding from both the doctor and the patient.

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