Options for Menopause Procedures

Menopause Procedures

Menopause Procedures Treatment Delhi NCR

  • Do you have irregular menstrual bleeding or have your menses stopped since some time?
  • Have you noticed that you have been feeling anxious and nervous since some time?
  • Do you suddenly have waves of feeling hot or do you sweat at night?
  • Are you menopausal and worried about the effect of menopause on your heart, bones, mental acuity or body weight?

Menopause is a reflection of the biological change that your body undergoes as a part of the aging process.

The ovaries stop producing eggs and the production of female hormones estrogen and progesterone decreases in the body. Menstrual activity therefore ceases, often after a varying period of irregularity.

Menopause is a natural progression in life and a period of transition that can begin in your 40s and continue into your 50s or even 60s. The transition is often smooth, but sometimes can be associated with symptoms that interfere with your life.

These symptoms can often begin even before your menses stop completely. However it is very necessary to remember that menopause is not the harbinger of the end of your youth, vitality or your sexuality.

It is important to sift out the kernels of truth from the various myths surrounding menopause and learn how to optimize the quality of your life.

Primarily it is important to understand that menopause is not a disease that has to be treated. Menopause is associated with many changes; hormonal, physical and psychological.

However the effect of these changes can be minimized and in fact often nullified by living a healthy lifestyle and proper counseling and guidance.

The symptoms associated with menopause for which numerous therapies are available include:

  • Irregular bleeding
  • Psychological disturbances like anxiety and depression
  • Hot flushes and night sweats
  • Recurrent urinary tract infections
  • Painful sexual intercourse and lack of interest in physical intimacy
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Joint pains and weight gain around your waist

However, even if you have no symptoms, you may have several concerns regarding the effect of the various bodily changes on your heart, bones, mental acuity and body weight.

It is important to get these queries answered and develop a lifestyle plan that helps you live at your very best. There are various therapies that can even help mitigate some of the long-term effects of hormonal deficiency on your heart and bones.

At UPHI, we offer a specialty menopause clinic where we recognize that every woman is physiologically different and hence work with you to create an individualized plan that is specifically tailored to your needs.

We listen to you and offer you lifestyle guidance and personal counseling where you can share your problems with us in an environment that respects your privacy.

We will regularly stay in touch with you and take constant feedback so that we can understand how best to address your problems over time.

Some of you may need hormonal treatment based on your symptoms, medical history and results of any investigations we may ask you to undergo.

We will counsel you regarding the same and adjust your medication dosage to lowest required to ensure best symptom relief.

If you are on the threshold of menopause or menopausal since many years and have symptoms or just want to understand how best to optimize the quality of your life, visit the menopause clinic at UPHI.

Our multidisciplinary team will always put you first and work with you to help you live to your fullest!

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